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Thank You to Our Donors

January 31, 2023


Thank you for your donation to support our mission. We want to share with you how we have been spending the money that you have so generously shared with our organization and how it has advanced our mission.


During our second full year of work on the issue of advocating for ethical care for children, we connected with countless formal organizations, informal groups, and individuals working to expose the harm of the “gender identity affirmation” model. We were invited to speak and raise awareness both indoors and on the streets at numerous events across the world and traveled to audiences in Israel, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Madison WI, and Anaheim CA. Our volunteers testified in hearings and met with legislators in-person in Louisiana, Ohio, and Florida, and we are proud to be doing our part to compel government branches to ensure ethical care for children and prohibit the harm that has gone unrestrained for far too long.


This past summer, we offered a 10-week, full-time paid internship to Katie DiPrinzio, now a second-year law student at Temple University interested in pursuing medical malpractice law. She contacted us in early 2022 sharing her support of our mission, and we were impressed with her knowledge and passion for the cause. We had enough donations to be able to offer her a small, yet competitive, stipend for her first-year summer law school internship. Katie gained numerous professional connections while working on two major projects: legislation and litigation. After completing a thorough analysis of existing legislation introduced or passed in three states (Arkansas, Alabama, and Ohio), Katie drafted model legislation, which has been circulated to policy leaders and legislators and is being introduced in states in 2023. On the litigation side, Katie laid the groundwork for an awareness campaign aimed toward attorneys by training parent volunteers in data-gathering and organizing. She also wrote three insightful blog posts for our website, addressing the issue of language manipulation and how it impacts public policy. Katie continues to volunteer with PEC and participate in meetings and discussions, and we are so grateful that we branched into the arena of offering a paid internship, which gives a young professional like Katie an opportunity to learn value skills and contribute to a cause that is meaningful. We consider our investment of your donation in her stipend as one that will be multiplied as she gains even more experience and soon becomes a practicing attorney seeking justice for those harmed by “gender medicine.”

Local and national media are contacting us more and more, and we are grateful for every opportunity we’ve had this year to speak about our personal experiences motivating us to persist in implementing the mission and activities of Partners for Ethical Care. In the spring of 2022, two of our volunteers, Jeannette and Jennifer, had their personal stories featured as part of a short documentary film series called Identity Crisis: Stories the Transgender Movement Doesn’t Want You to Hear produced by Kelsey Bolar of Independent Women’s Forum. Following that series, they were able to speak with journalists and podcast hosts, and Jennifer was even a guest on the national daytime talk show Dr. Phil. Our all-volunteer team continues to take a seat at any table where we can raise awareness about this important international issue impacting children, and if you have a contact in the media or know a podcast host who would like us to speak, please put us in touch.


In May, one of our volunteers saw a post on Instagram from a young detransitioner—Chloe Cole--who said that she was ready to speak publicly about her experience being harmed by the “affirmation” model of care. Our volunteer reached out and asked if Chloe would be willing to testify against a “conversion therapy” ban that was being introduced in Louisiana. Partners for Ethical Care volunteers personally accompanied the then 17-year-old minor child and her older brother and paid the flight and lodging expenses for them both. Though testimony was limited to a single person, we were invited to speak directly to legislators, and Chloe read her testimony aloud to more than a dozen leaders in the office of the State Attorney General. Our volunteers recorded that testimony and shared it on social media immediately. From Louisiana, we headed to Ohio later that month, paying the same expenses for Chloe to testify in support of the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act in Ohio. Now, we see that Chloe Cole’s name and story are starting more and more conversations about the harms happening to children, and we are proud that our volunteers shepherded her in this process of sharing her story publicly for the first time with government officials, and we plan to support additional individuals to be able to share their testimony in support of bills that will protect children from these harmful treatments.

This past year with the inspiration of attorneys concerned about the harms happening to children, we launched a project called Transition Justice, which connects individuals harmed by “gender medicine” with attorneys who may be able to help them. With the generous support of many of you, we had three billboards put up in the Boston area with the message: “Have you been harmed by ‘gender medicine’? You are not alone.” This campaign caught the eye of attorneys and donors, and we are happy to say that we have even more connections to willing and well-versed attorneys and grant funding to promote the project on social media over a 12-week period. We know that it’s not possible to go back once an individual has been harmed, but we want to light a path forward, and we believe that unethical practitioners should be held accountable for their actions.


We intended to keep this annual letter on one page, but it just was not possible with the number of accomplishments we have feel compelled to report to you from our work in 2022. We are deeply appreciative that you were one of our 142 donors in 2022, and we could not have done this without you. We are honored to be part of the movement that will bring an end to the gender industry that is irreversibly harming children. We have big plans for 2023, including a postcard mailing campaign to bring awareness to school counselors and a social medial campaign to support efforts to get justice for those harmed by the gender industry. Because you have demonstrated your confidence in us, we are able to make plans knowing that you will be there for us.

If you don’t yet follow us online (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), please consider it. We communicate there frequently, and you’ll have a chance to follow our activities and enjoy our videos as we plan for our first big event this coming April 21 & 22 in Austin, Texas. We hope that you’ll be able to join us for It’s Bigger Than Texas: Exposing the Gender Industry in America, an evening panel discussion followed by a public rally at the State Capitol the following morning. You can find more information on our website or by sending us an email. We would love to see you there!


As we begin 2023, we are so grateful to have your support as we continue working toward an end of the gender industry’s hold on the hearts, minds, and bodies of children.




Partners for Ethical Care

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