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Medical Professionals

Are you a nurse, doctor, or health care professional who has witnessed children who demonstrate significant mental health illnesses being treated with drugs and surgeries that have only been approved for life-threatening physical illnesses not for psychological discomfort?


Are you concerned about off-label uses of pharmaceuticals and experimental treatments done to minors who are still in the process of physical and mental development?


Are you worried that parents are not given adequate information in order to give informed consent to medical treatments for their children?


Do you see parents who dismiss their children’s concerns about regret and may even be coercing their children into complying to treatment that the children cannot fully understand or grasp the implications of?


Do you feel like patients are being harmed but you are scared to speak up because you might lose your position within the organization, your job, or your professional license for not complying with the orders of your supervisors and colleagues?


You are not alone. We want to hear from you.

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