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A Former Drill Sergeant's Response to President Biden's Executive Order

As a former drill sergeant, it is a very sad day to learn that President Biden, without any consultation, oversight, or input from the American people, has decided to allow so-called transgender persons to serve in our military. I am shocked at the lack of research and understanding about transgenderism and the problems it causes. Why does the military have categories of people who may not serve? Because there are things that prevent a person from being able to deal with the rigors of military service. It is not a “right” to serve, it is a privilege. If a person has a difficulty that prevents combat/front line/overseas service or has a health problem requiring “timely medications”, as well as flat feet (!), such people may not serve. Can you wonder how it will deal with people who need their hormone fix on a daily or weekly/monthly basis? Or need to dilate an artificial hole in their bodies? Here is one beginning schedule for dilation: Dilation frequency: 0-3 months after surgery 3 times/day for 10 minutes each time, 3-6 months after surgery 1/day for 10 minutes each time, more than 6 months after surgery 2-3/week for 10 minutes each time, more than 9 months 1-2x/week. []. It goes on from there. Where will men who have this surgery be able to do this out in the field? Not to mention, where in barracks? Do you think women service members should have to be subjected to dealing with this as they go about their tasks in the military? Because that is what is being asked of them. Of course, we can consider that some of these males will choose to remain intact. Once again, women in service will have to deal with intact males in their barracks, showers, toilets. It is fair to say that not all males who say they are women are predators, but such males have the same rate of violent patterns as do non-trans males. [] Given the rate of sexual assaults, rapes, and even murders recently written about glaringly in the press, is it fair to place female service members at further risk by allowing intact males in their barracks and intimate places?

How is it that no one took into consideration some of the psychiatric or psychological problems that some of these people have? For example, trans activists claim that that 41% of trans people have considered suicide. You want to give these people GUNS? Further, there are quite a few studies that support the idea that there is a high rate of mental illness amongst those who identify as trans []. How much time and resources will the military have to spend making sure that this particular recruit who is trans is stable enough to serve? What if one is found after induction to not be fit? What happens then? How about our taxes paying for unnecessary cosmetic surgeries so these people can attempt to look like what they say they are? It also should be asked: what does it mean when a person desires to have healthy body parts removed because of “feelings”? Is that something that is good to have in our military? Is that regular or—even normal? VA hospitals are already stretched very thin and our veterans aren’t getting all the care they need right now. Now, it is certain that some (but not all) of the people identifying as trans will request the badly called “sex reassignment surgery.” Some may even enlist, hoping to get this surgery on the government and peoples’ buck. offers a detailed financial worksheets and estimates on the all the costs of transition, and estimates that it is typical to spend a total of $40,000 to $50,000 for a mid-range transition, including surgery; there are even some statistics that show such surgery and care may run into six figures.This is, by the way, cosmetic surgery, not a necessary surgery, no matter what trans activists will tell you. There are studies which amply show that many people have regrets after such surgery and are having reversal surgeries. Will the government and taxpayers be responsible for paying for these surgeries as well?

I'd bet that no one thought to ask military women how they'd feel having an intact in their barracks, showers, etc. Military women already face difficulties when they serve--witness the recent spate of murders and the shocking statistics on rape in the military. Now, MEN have had the lack-witted brainlessness to add to the burden of military women. And wait until a female to trans wants to serve in the men's barracks. What will the military do when such a woman is raped or assaulted--or killed? As an aside, trans activists like to portray this issue as an “LGBTQAI++” issue and it is most assuredly not. The government went and actually asked military members what they thought of Lesbian and Gays being allowed to serve. One’s sexuality is part and parcel of the whole of a human being. Transgenderism is not: there is no biological basis for it and the only way it can be known is by self-identification as being trans. That is, a person “feels” they are not their biological sex. Being homosexual is exactly like being heterosexual: one IS that. It isn’t a “feeling”. Being transgender has nothing to do with sexuality at all and it is a vile canard to say this is an “LGBTQAI++” issue—it is ONLY a transgender issue and I wish people could understand that. As a Lesbian, I may add that I resent it mightily. I do not much care for being tossed in with men who often exhibit stereotypical female behaviors while keeping their penises or with women who think having a beard and surgical removal of healthy breasts and other organs means something.

I am not a conservative; I am a moderate independent. But this slap in the face to our military and allowing the rot of trans ideology into our military takes the cake. This is pandering to a community that has many, many problems in terms of mental health and stability. This is pandering to Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and Big Money.

President Biden should know better--he served, as have family members as well. What in the name of all that is good and decent was he thinking? If he accepts these people as what they are, I want to be retired as a three-star general with a full pension.

After all, that _IS_ how I identify. Do you think he will grant me what I want? Why not?


Guest columnist Miriam Ben-Shalom is an internationally acknowledged activist of 45 years on behalf of the LGB community. Contact Ms Ben-Shalom via

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