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A Warm Welcome to Our Winter Legal Intern, Cat Cattinson!

Partners for Ethical Care is excited to welcome Cat Cattinson as our new intern! Cat is a detransitioned woman who once fell prey to gender ideology, but after realizing the harm, she took steps to reverse her medical “transition.” She has since been utilizing her social media platforms to speak out on the dangers of experimental gender medicine. Cat recently graduated cum laude from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, and she is also an accomplished musician and vocalist. After what was advertised as “life-saving care” damaged her health and affected her livelihood, she became interested in medical malpractice law and helping others who have been harmed by gender medicine find justice.

At PEC, we are all volunteers who use your donations strategically and efficiently to further our mission of working toward abolition of the gender affirmation model. We are grateful to be able to spend your generous gifts to compensate a young woman who possesses valuable skills and a personal passion for our mission. Cat will be assisting us with intake of detransitioners, concerned parents of trans-identifying youth, and others in dire need of PEC’s support. She will discover more about the field of medical malpractice law, engage in legal research, become familiar with legal jargon, learn to discern the elements indicative of successful malpractice cases, and help us network with other organizations sharing a similar vision.

We are grateful to have Cat as part of our team for the next ten weeks. Thank you so much for your contributions, as they empower us to continue exposing the truth behind the façade of gender-affirming care by educating lawmakers, school personnel, and medical providers of its devastating impacts, and providing support for those affected.


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