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Gender Map Under Attack by Radical Trans Activist

Since 2020, Alix Aharon, a/k/a The Gender Mapper, has taken it upon herself to produce and maintain The Gender Map, an interactive tool that shows the explosion of locations and gender clinics and the harmful services they provide worldwide. Along with a team of volunteers, regular concerned citizens like herself, she has worked to uncover the explosion of pediatric ‘gender’ clinics popping up to take advantage of the social contagion that is capturing hundreds of thousands of children and youth all over the world.

2007 2022

Photos and screenshots of Alix’s Gender Map make such a huge impact on viewers that they have been borrowed, often without permission, by several individuals and organizations, including Tucker Carlson and the producers of the popular documentary, “Transgressive: The Cult of Confusion”. While Carlson and others have used the map as a shocking depiction of the explosion of the medical gender industry, as the map was intended, a group of radical trans activists recently targeted the Gender Map and its creator calling both “hateful” and “dangerous.”

One particularly vocal trans rights activist and his zealous followers pummeled Alix’s social media platforms for days, threatening and berating the passionate child safety advocate. Escalating his campaign of harassment, this aggressive activist falsely accused Alix of inspiring a bomb threat to a children's hospital thousands of miles from her home. The threat was later proven to have been made by a rogue individual and was essentially a hoax.

The internet attack on Alix was so intense that Google, succumbing to baseless and unproven reports of “hateful” or “transphobic” content by trans rights activists, removed the Gender Map from its platform. Shortly after The Gender Mapper’s Google exile, gender clinic maps on the website for the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) also disappeared, presumably at HRC’s direction.

The ringleader of the virtual assault frequently posts look-a-like maps on his own Twitter account. Instead of serving as a warning to parents that their local medical facilities are offering life changing drugs and surgeries to minors, this one shared locations for easy access to what he calls “HRT,” but which actually consists of the opposite of hormone “replacement” and instead is synthetic estrogen and antiandrogens used for the medical “transition” of young men and teenage boys.

While Alix and many others are fighting daily to end the unnecessary and lifelong medicalization of children, this particular TRA and others are shamelessly promoting and propelling it.

The willingness of those who have taken an oath to “first do no harm” to instead first take the money is disturbing and needs to be exposed. Alix works tirelessly to dispel the popular narrative that “this just isn’t happening” through her Gender Mapping Project. The videos linked below, posted on The Gender Mapper channel on YouTube, provide proof that age is of little or no concern to many doctors and clinics when it comes to the money earned from trendy “trans” drugs and surgeries.

Despite the personal attacks and unjustified censorship The Gender Mapper has recently endured, she will continue producing the work that she and her fellow volunteers stand firmly behind. You can take a look at the updated version of The Gender Map here:


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