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Only Predators Go Behind Parents’ Backs

Even Child Protective Services knocks on the front door.

As the House of Representatives prepares to give the so-called Equality Act (H.R.5) a hearty “Woo-Hoo!” this week, everyone should be asking themselves why legislators would be in favor of cutting parents out of the picture when it comes to their children’s health, safety, and welfare.

H.R.5 is supposedly about preventing discrimination against transgender people, but by substituting “gender identity” for "(biological) sex” in all legal language around previously sex-segregated spaces, this sledgehammer of a bill not only gives men who say they’re women carte blanche to invade women’s sports, women’s locker rooms and restrooms, as well as women’s shelters and prisons and pap smears, it also validates and applauds adults who go after children behind their parents’ backs.

Transgender student policies in school districts have codified school’s authority to hide sex and gender information from students’ parents (Kindergarten-12), if the students don’t want the parents to know about it:

  • Arlington Public Schools (VA) deceives parents by calling children one set of name/pronouns at school, while having a different set in the official record. Arlington is by no means alone; this is standard fare in public schools now, thanks to GLSEN’s Model School District Policy which has been slipped, manipulated, or forced into school districts around the country.

  • Montgomery County Public Schools (MD) has a special intake form where it asks a student what his or her parents are allowed to know, and asks the student to grade the parents on their “supportiveness.”

  • The American School Counselors Association, the largest professional association in the U.S. for school-based counselors, also tells its members to deceive parents about their children’s sex and gender status:

It’s bad enough that nothing prevents adult men who claim to be women from using social media to groom and lure children behind their parents’ backs:

but it’s nothing short of deplorable that adults who are supposed to be protecting kids are now exploiting them.

Children who announce transgender identities are supposedly abused and abandoned by parents in wholesale fashion. We already know this is largely untrue. Therefore, the spurious argument goes, these sneaky, back-door adults may be the only “safe space” for transgender-identified kids. By fostering a wildly misguided savior complex in adults who are supposed to be safeguarding children, the gender industry has successfully created a pipeline of fodder for its billion-dollar medicalization machine.

If H.R. 5 is passed, this under-the-table & behind-the-back theft of children will become a federal law, because as soon as a child is misled to believe s/he was “born in the wrong body,” H.R. 5’s non-discrimination clause will kick in, and that child’s best protectors—his or her parents—will be side-eyed and sidelined before they even know what’s going on.

Even in cases of actual abuse, Child Protective Services comes and knocks on the front door, like honest people. Only predators sneak around in the shadows.

  • I’m looking at you, “affirming” doctor, therapist, psychologist.

  • I’m looking at you, social-media gender influencer.

  • I’m looking at you, school principal, teacher, counselor.

Call your representatives today and tell them that if they vote "Yes" on H.R. 5 this week, you’ll be voting "No" on their re-election. Any congressional representative who votes to pass this bill ought to be brought up on child endangerment charges.

Hopefully that day is coming.

Click this link for contact information for your state representative(s).


Maria Keffler is a co-founder of Partners for Ethical Care. Contact Ms Keffler via

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