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Petition to Ban Puberty Blockers BANNED

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I recently poured my heart, my soul and many faux-extra hours into writing a petition calling for the ban of the administration of puberty blocking drugs to trans-identifying children in Canada. Thinking that the cry for help that so often falls on deaf ears may actually be heard, as we do, I posted the finished product to, shared it widely and hoped for the best. Less than 12 hours, 30 signatures and hundreds of shares later I received an email from the partisan platform stating that the petition had been removed for violating their ‘Community Guidelines’.

While I wasn’t surprised at this all too common and loosely explicated censorship, I will say that the website’s mastery of social Whack-a-Mole is impressive. Although the petition’s momentum hadn’t been given a fighting chance to build, I do believe it would have if left alone to do so. I did expect more interest than signatures, more ‘shares’ than names and email addresses, given this sociopolitical climate that tends to flag the most innocent of concerned citizens as transphobic bigots. But I didn’t expect to see the short lifespan of less than half a day for my carefully constructed complaint.

Knowing what I hadn’t done, but wondering what they would say I had done, I replied to my removers asking for clarification of my supposed violation. My breath will not be baited while I wait for their response but I am curious about whether or not the mere mention of transgender medicine and the documented damage it is doing to a growing number of children is what was considered hateful or harmful.

Here is the petition that I had hoped many of you would sign and share with others to help restrict the quick prescription of off-label chemically castrating drugs to inculpable children.

Ban Puberty Blockers in Canada:

“Alarms are being sounded all over the world, and Canada seems completely deaf to it.”

“Mary’s” daughter was given hormones and a double mastectomy at age 16 within months of stating that she felt she was a transgender boy. After 2 ONE HOUR appointments at a Canadian gender clinic she was approved for the double mastectomy meant to help with her feelings of gender dysphoria. “Mary’s” daughter regretted the rushed medical alterations done to her otherwise healthy body and by age 21 ‘detransitioned’- a predictably increasing occurrence among young people hastily put on a transgender medical pathway.

Featuring “Mary’s” story, the 2021 National Post article exposing Canada’s reluctance to pull back on the mass administration of Puberty Blocking Drugs for children as young as 7 years old has had no impact on our government. Meanwhile, countries like Sweden, Britain, France and Finland have changed their laws and candidly admitted that they had made grave errors in the medical treatment of children.

Parents, and children like “Mary’s” daughter, are being deceived by the popular notion that Puberty Blocking drugs are ‘totally reversible’. They are not. The harms of gender medicine and surgical procedures for children are becoming well known around the world. Yet Canada is leaving its citizens in the dark and continuing to promote the Affirmative Care Model as mandatory for all children, disregarding their individuality and states of mental health.

Historically, 80-95% of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria (then Gender Identity Disorder) desisted by the conclusion of puberty. Young people are still desisting at a high rate, but sadly after permanent medical damage has been done.

Linked is one of many detransitioner forums, with 38, 500 members and growing daily.

Lupron is a potent drug that is currently being prescribed to prepubescent and pubescent Canadian children age 7 and up for an average of 1-4 years based solely on their feelings of being transgender.

Lupron was first used as a chemically castrating alternative to surgery for adult male prostate cancer patients.

Puberty Blockers have been used to chemically castrate the most dangerous of adult male sex offenders in Canada.

Lupron and similar drugs are NOT even FDA approved as transgender medicine. They are paid for by our tax dollars and government at $388/dose ($5044/year) and covered by BC PharmaCare Plan G and others.

Puberty Blockers are said to give time to “determine if a child’s gender identity is long lasting” according to the Mayo Clinic.

Nearly 100% of children who are prescribed Puberty Blockers go on to take cross-sex hormones, many of whom would have otherwise naturally desisted.


Under current Canadian law, health care providers must immediately ‘affirm’ children and process their requests for largely unstudied and often unregulated transgender medical interventions, based on the child’s word alone. This equates to the quick and easy distribution of irreversible medications and procedures to minors and negates the already loose requirements for children’s access to them.

Clinics like London Ontario’s Gender Pathway Services (GPS) are offering the potent and irreversible drug Lupron to children prior to their first clinical visit.

The CAMH (The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) has stopped following the already troubling guidelines put forth by WPATH (The World Professional Association for Transgender Health) offering unrestricted access to children for transgender drugs and surgeries.

Many children present to gender clinics with underlying or coexisting mental health conditions, often diagnosed prior to arriving, that are being set aside or ignored entirely as they are promptly processed through ‘gender affirming health care’.

There is no evidence of people dying by suicide on waitlists for transgender drugs and surgeries.

There is however evidence of significant medical harm to children as a direct result of puberty blocking drugs like Lupron.

- childhood onset Osteoporosis

- abnormal frequency of bone breakage

- undeveloped bone density

We need only to look at the U-turn made by the Tavistock’s GIDS (Gender Identity Development Service) in England, a former proponent of the quick administration of Puberty Blocking drugs for children.

Due in large part to detransitioner Kiera Bell’s legal battle against the GIDS, it now shares the irreversible nature of transgender drugs and surgeries and the lack of research into their long term effects on children.

Organizations like Genspect have reached out to our Canadian government on behalf of our childrens’ health and safety without success.

By signing this petition you are not segregating a minority population, but you WILL be helping to protect a large number of children, who would otherwise statistically detransition, from irrevocable medical harm.

On behalf of Canadian children at risk of permanent physical and psychological harm from rushed chemical & surgical procedures, please help us be heard by the following members of our government: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of Mental Health & Addictions/Associate Minister of Health Carolyn Bennet, Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos and Minister of Families, Children & Social Development Karina Gould, Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada David Lametti.

Help stop further permanent medical damage to Canadian children by sharing this petition with the hashtag #BanPubertyBlockersCanada. Thank you for supporting the health and safety of the vulnerable youths of our nation.

Important Note:

The erroneous 48% suicidality rate for transgender youths has been discretited.

Many of us spend our days (and nights) working tirelessly toward change for the children of the Western World in the face of what can be described as a youth-trans epidemic. As the mother of a fourteen year old girl who claims she is a boy, I am at the point in my own ‘gender journey’ where giving up is not an option. This failed attempt to raise awareness and push for change will not ease my urge to add my little voice to a growing choir of child protective advocates. My work here, as they say, is not yet done.


While typing to you my testimonial of censure, I received a message from stating that the petition has real potential and that the messaging associate would like to coach me toward success. As a skeptical optimist, I’d like to believe in the legitimacy of the message and the future success of this particular petition but as a bonafide believer in the power of radical trans activism… we will all have to wait for an update.

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