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Someone's Dumping Vats Worth of Hormones into Our Waterways

It should be a national scandal.

Knowing that wrong-sex hormones are experimental and cause lifelong, irreversible harms should be enough to raise alarms about the shocking increase in prescriptions. But apparently permanent damage inflicted upon a child’s body isn’t enough to give people pause.

If saving kids isn’t your thing, maybe saving the earth is?

Is the environment suffering because of all those artificial hormones that are excreted into the waste water?

At least one researcher thinks so.

Biologist Latonya Jackson from the University of Cincinnati found “that populations of killifish exposed to estrogen in concentrations of 5 nanograms per liter in controlled lab conditions had fewer males and produced fewer offspring. Scientists have found estrogen at as much as 16 times that concentration in streams adjacent to sewage treatment plants.”

And the levels will continue to increase if we don’t reject the lie that appropriate treatment for children who feel out of sorts with their bodies is a prescription for wrong-sex hormones.

It might be a defensible situation if these artificial wrong-sex hormones were a cure for some serious medical condition, but they are not. In fact, studies show that children who use wrong-sex hormones have worse mental health outcomes than those who do not.

Even more alarming is the fact that children who are take puberty blockers followed by wrong-sex hormones are virtually guaranteed to lose the capacity to produce the natural hormones their body requires. Therefore, even if they decide at some point to discontinue taking wrong-sex hormones, they will still be dependent on artificial hormones for the rest of their lives.

Thousands of lifetime’s worth of artificial hormones will be dumped into our waterways.

We already know that small amounts of hormones in the water disrupt the endocrine systems of myriad kinds of wildlife, causing infertility in animals, weak shells in bird eggs which then can’t incubate nestlings, and birth defects in fish, not to mention the deaths of smaller animals.

Imagine someone caught dumping testosterone and estrogen into our streams, rivers, and swamps. It would be a national scandal. The news would have pictures of deformed fish and dead bugs, misshapen grass, and androgynous animals. Environmentalists would demand the prosecution of the polluters to the fullest extent of the law, still knowing that their punishment could never make up for the damage done.

Widespread dumping of hormones is happening now. Its source is the waste products of the thousands of children and young adults who have been negligently prescribed incredibly high doses of artificial hormones to treat a psychological disorder.

Though these children are not born in the wrong bodies, the introduction of massive amounts of artificial hormones into our ecosystems will result in widespread birth defects in nature, assuming the flora and fauna are ever born at all.

Erin Brewer is a partner with Partners for Ethical Care. Contact Dr. Brewer via

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