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The Stepford Wives of the Trans Cult

In the 1975 movie The Stepford Wives, the Men’s Association in the town of Stepford, Connecticut, discovered a way to transform their wives into robotic versions of the Stepford men’s ideal woman: docile, submissive, and focused entirely on pleasing her husband, to the exclusion of all else.

In 2021, we see the same dynamic playing out in the culture: intelligent, independent, and thoughtful people have been molded into automatons who robotically parrot the slogans and doctrines of gender ideology.

After her seventh-grade autistic daughter announced a trans identity out of the blue, a mother consulted the elementary school counselor who had worked closely with the girl for years. The counselor had assisted with many personal and family issues over the years, always asking questions, seeking to understand what else was going on, and helping the family think through possible strategies. This time, however, after the mother explained the situation, the counselor abruptly declared, “You have to affirm her identity or she may become suicidal.”

Stepford wife.

Parents consulted the pediatrician who has cared for their child for more than a dozen years. “She said she thinks she’s a boy. Can you refer us to a good psychiatrist or counselor?” The pediatrician gave them a list of gender clinics and said, “Do you want a live son or a dead daughter?”

Stepford wife.

Parents interviewed at a local middle school, to investigate transferring their child away from the school where he was being indoctrinated with gender ideology. The school counselor across the table from them gushed, “Isn’t it wonderful that children are starting to investigate their sexuality and gender?”

Stepford wife.

J.K. Rowling expressed her love for and appreciation of transgender-identified people, but said she is concerned about young children being medicalized. She continues to be excoriated in the public arena as a transphobe, bigot, and TERF, and her bestselling and formerly beloved books are burned by the trans activist mob.

Stepford wives.

In an online panel discussion titled, “Let’s Talk About TERFs” at Minnesota State University Moorhead, thoughtful and reasonable questions and comments like, “How does one define ‘woman’?” “TERF isn’t a respectful term,” and “There are 100’s of claimed identities, so what is the argument for segregating sports by identity category?” got the attendees who posted them immediately kicked out of the event by the women hosting it.

Stepford wives.

In the original The Stepford Wives movie, protagonist Joanna sneaks into the Men’s Association mansion to rescue her kidnapped children and get them out of Stepford. Instead, she discovers her robotic duplicate waiting to kill her. The final scene shows her programmed doppelganger shopping placidly at the grocery store, among all the other Stepford wives who no longer have minds or wills of their own.

Those of us fighting to save our children from the predatory trans cult shudder when we recognize that our kids are being kidnapped and the culture around us has been robotized like Stepford wives. They submissively bow to the cult’s doctrine and demands, letting predatory men into women’s spaces and placidly shuffling our children onto the gender industry’s medicalization conveyer belt.

But we’re not one lone woman like Joanna, desperately trying to save herself and her kids. We are a legion of women: old and young, feminists and traditionalists, conservatives and liberals, homosexuals and heterosexuals, activists and housewives and CEOs and blue-collar workers and students. And we will not be shamed or silenced.

We are not your Stepford wives.

And we’re taking back our kids and our town.


Partners for Ethical Care works to end the unethical medicalization of children by the gender industry. Contact Partners for Ethical Care at

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