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We’ve Pinched Our Pennies: Now We Need Your Help

We are coming to you, our supporters, with a humble request. We are asking for your donation, no matter how big or small it may seem. But first, read our plea.

In October 2020, a group of women came together to form Partners for Ethical Care (PEC) as a nonprofit focused on raising awareness and supporting effort to stop the unethical treatment of children by schools, hospitals, and mental and medical healthcare providers under the duplicitous banner of gender identity affirmation. Since our first conversation in late October of last year, our dedicated group of volunteers has not wasted a minute.

Using our years of experience in education, law, business, marketing, software design, parenting, and organizing, we spent the last months of 2020 immersed in the important work necessary to spread the message that no child is born in the wrong body.

This is what we have accomplished since our founding in late October 2020:

  • Our website receives hundreds of visits per day, with blog posts topping 5000 hits from people across the globe who are concerned about the psychological and physical harms happening to children.

  • LiveChat on our website is staffed by volunteers around the clock and shares trusted resources and a compassionate ear to those who are outraged about the egregious and unethical actions of teachers, therapists, doctors, and even parents who are encouraging children’s psychological and physical self-harm in the name of gender affirmation.

  • Our Contact page has provided a way for so many parents, professionals, and concerned citizens to share their stories confidentially, without the threat of losing their job or their children, as many others have already lost.

  • Blog posts have drawn new eyes, ears, and hearts to the cause of stopping the dangerous medicalization of vulnerable children enamored with gender identity, in avoidance of their trauma, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, and autism.

  • Our YouTube Channel engages leaders in conversations about current events on PEC Talks, and just launched a new series called Commonsense Care, offering sage advice for families and professionals when addressing topics of gender identity with children.

  • Our work on social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has spread our message and created a strong network of individuals, organizations, and businesses that stand in solidarity with our efforts.

  • Email, chat, phone, video, and in-person meetings have safely connected us to hundreds of parents who have been silenced by the fear of losing their children if they speak up about their concerns. We have given them a place to share their stories of frustration and heartbreak as their concern and love for their child is manipulated into a false public narrative that ignores the true mental health needs of their children.

  • PEC is gaining recognition through media outlets and taking every opportunity to share our message.

  • We received several donations, including one from an anonymous donor to support a billboard campaign bringing public awareness to the harms being done to children by the gender industry. We are still working to get that billboard up because we are persistent.

  • In just two and a half months of 2020 alone, volunteers have spent a combined 1000+ hours focused on our mission. In the first two months of 2021, we have spent twice as many hours and gotten half as much sleep.

A few supporters have asked how to donate to our support efforts because they recognize that while we are all unpaid volunteers, we do have real hard costs to produce and publish our content and resources, as well as engage with professionals, the public, and each other. In less than three months, you have been given a small window into what a thoughtful, committed group of educated and experienced women can accomplish with only a few dollars and many hours of effort. We will need more than that this year because we have much bigger plans for 2021, starting with PEC in Action. You will see us on the ground, in public, spreading the message that No Child is Born in the Wrong Body.

We know that you support our mission, but we need you to show it. The gender industry is making money off harming children every day; this must be exposed and it must stop. We will no longer allow so many people to continue to believe that gender affirmation does anything but damage already vulnerable children. The only way that we will find light at the end of this tunnel is by chipping away at it, piece by piece. We are asking for your help in our efforts because we cannot do this alone. After months of digging into our own pockets to pay for running PEC and stretching every donated dollar, we need you.

We need money for print materials, website hosting, and a host of other ways that we get our message out and get change happening now—because children cannot wait. Children and families deserve hope, and you can provide that. Donate, shop at our online store, volunteer, or spread the word to others by sharing our website and posts on social media. We appreciate your support!

In deep gratitude,

Partners for Ethical Care


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