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Duplicitous Doctors

February 20, 2021

Media's, Policymakers', & Activists' Lies & Deceptions

February 6, 2021


Executive Order Redefines "Qualified" for a Select Group

January 16, 2021


(TiM) Tim McBride

January 16, 2021


Celebrating Eddie Izzard's Predatory Behavior

January 9, 2021


No More Mom & Dad: Rules for the 177th Congress Remove Bio. Sex

January 2, 2021


Coach Blade on the Erasure of Girls & Women in Sports

December 28, 2020


Man Who Invaded Women's Bathroom Portrayed as the Victim

December 26, 2020


Failed Assignments -- Rethinking Sex Designations on Birth Certificates

December 20, 2020


Ellen Page Says She's Transgender/Non-Binary

December 5, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 7.08.32 AM.png

Keira Bell Court Decision Against Tavistock (U.K.)

December 1, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 6.59.03 AM.png

Introducing Partners for Ethical Care

November 30, 2020



Our mission is to raise awareness and support efforts to stop the unethical treatment of children by schools, hospitals, and mental and medical healthcare providers under the duplicitous banner of gender identity affirmation. We believe that no child is born in the wrong body.

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