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Partners for Ethical Care accepts guest contributions for articles on topics related to the gender industry and its deleterious effects on individuals and society. Please review the articles in our blog feed to familiarize yourself with topics we have published and for the tone and format we prefer.

Please limit your submission to 500 words. Longer pieces will be considered if approved in advance.

Submit your piece to, with "BLOG POST SUBMISSION" in the subject line. Please include all of the following:

  • YOUR NAME, as you want it to appear in print




  • YOUR ARTICLE (500 words or less, formatted with no indents and 6-12 point space between each paragraph. Bulleted points are acceptable within the text.)

  • IMAGE/GRAPHIC for the header of the piece, if possible

P.E.C. will consider publishing with an "Anonymous" byline. Please indicate with your submission if you prefer not to be credited with the piece, in which case you need not submit your headshot. A general one-sentence bio describing your expertise or background is preferable, if possible.


Our mission is to raise awareness and support efforts to stop the unethical treatment of children by schools, hospitals, and mental and medical healthcare providers under the duplicitous banner of gender identity affirmation. We believe that no child is born in the wrong body.

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