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Always Erin

by PEC co-founder Erin Brewer

with illustrations by Bartleby.

When Erin was a very little girl, two men hurt her. She thought that she got hurt because she was a girl, and if she became a boy, she would never be hurt like that again. But with the help of some wise and supportive adults, Erin learned that hurts can happen to anyone. She learned how to love herself as a girl again, and to know that no matter what, she was Always Erin.


Paperback ($12.95) & Ebook ($6.95) at Amazon (Click Here)

PDF Download $4.95 from PEC Site (Click Here)

Paperback $12.95 from PEC Site (Click Here)

Swedish Translation:

Paperback ($12.95) & Ebook ($6.95) at Amazon (Click Here)

PDF Download $4.95 from PEC Site (Click Here)

Paperback $12.95 from PEC Site (Coming Soon)

Norwegian Translation:

PDF Download $4.95 from PEC Site (Click Here)

Slovenian Translation:

PDF Download $4.95 from PEC Site (Click Here)

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What Readers Are Saying About Always Erin
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Erin Brewer, PhD., is co-founder of Partners for Ethical Care and the Compassion Coalition, and is dedicated to helping people understand the underlying issues of gender dysphoria.

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What Readers Are Saying About
Always Erin

Always Erin calmly and graciously shines much needed light on the deep pain of gender confusion, which afflicts so many children today. With simple language and beautiful illustrations, Always Erin offers help and hope for children, parents and teachers alike.

-Moira Deeming, Australian teacher, local government Councilor,

educational consultant, and a mother of four.

This is an important and thought-provoking book. Sometimes children are confronted with complex problems, and books like these help young children to process these difficult challenges in an age-appropriate, gentle, and compassionate manner. This book is perfect for children who have gender-related distress as a result of being the target of inappropriate behavior.


-Stella O’Malley, psychotherapist, co-host of Gender, A Wider Lens

This beautiful book portrays how trauma can lead to gender dysphoria. At a time when distressed children like Erin are being automatically "affirmed" and placed on a conveyer belt towards dangerous hormones and surgery, it should be read by every gender-confused child, as well as parents, therapists, and doctors. We must stop the madness. Erin Brewer's book is a beginning.


-Dr. Miriam Grossman; Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist.

Erin Brewer’s Always Erin winningly explains how a deeply wounded girl is still a girl, not someone else. The wounds need addressing, not avoidance. It’s an important and timely message, as girls (and boys) are being bombarded with the falsehood that discomfort with themselves means transgender identity, requiring transition as the cure-all solution. Always Erin points to hope for hurt girls – they remain girls with great potential, and are women in the making!


-Andre Van Mol, MD board-certified family physician, Co-chair, Committee on Adolescent Sexuality, American College of Pediatricians Co-chair,

Sexual and Gender Identity Task Force, Christian Medical & Dental Association

Always Erin is a book that can help children and parents in dealing with gender dysphoria that results from trauma. Many children who are hurt become confused and act out in a way that they think will bring acceptance, significance, and security. I am thankful Erin’s counselor recognized Erin’s hurt and helped her deal with the hurt, for the hurt has to be dealt with sooner or later, and better sooner than later. This book brought a smile to my face. I believe it will be a help to hurting and confused children, as well as parents. Thank you, Erin, for sharing your story.


-Billy Burleigh, detransitioner

Erin’s story is a much-needed lesson for children in today’s society. We are not defined by the toys we play with, the clothes we choose to wear, or the roles we chose to fulfill. Females are powerful and just as capable as males in many ways. We all should be proud of the amazing things our bodies, and minds, can do.

-Beth Stelzer, Save Women's Sports

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