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We believe that children and young people are worthy of dignity in schools, doctor offices, clinics, hospitals, therapy offices, public places, sports facilities, and homes all over the world. We also believe that they are uniquely vulnerable because of their age, physical and mental development, dependency on adults, and limited life experience, no matter where they are born.


We are concerned about the social and medical “transition” of children, the teaching of gender identity in schools, new policies in schools and places of employment that rely upon subjective beliefs of “gender” rather than the objective, material reality of biological sex.


Are you concerned about this too?

You are not alone.

Are you a parent, relative, caregiver, or young person?

Are you a teacher or school professional?

Are you a nurse or doctor?

Are you a therapist?

Are you a person who has “transitioned” or “detransitioned”?

Are you concerned about children and young people?










Parents, Relatives, Caregivers, & Young Persons

Are you a parent, relative, caregiver, or young person who is confused by the sudden identification of a loved one as “transgender,” concerned about what children are being taught to think about their own bodies during lessons at school, or worried about your child’s (or your own) sense of safety in changing rooms and toilets of public and private buildings?


Do you think that teachers, friends, or parents at your child’s school implied that her/his haircut and clothing preferences, interests, friend groups, and social activities might mean that they were “born in the wrong body” and therefore the wrong sex?


Are you bothered that personality traits are now seen as belonging to the opposite sex?


Do you think that the discomfort that we all experience with our bodies during puberty is now being labeled as a “medical condition” requiring puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical procedures that have life-long impacts that include the inability to experience sexual pleasure or conceive children?


Are you having trouble finding others who share your concerns, or have your feelings and concerns been dismissed as “unsupportive” or worse, pushing the myth that your questions will “cause your child to commit suicide” (which is untrue)?


Does your child have symptoms of depression, anxiety, or autism but the focus of therapy or medical treatment seems to be on a recent declaration of a “transgender” identity rather than pre-existing mental health conditions?


Do you feel that you have no choice but to agree to your child’s demands for a new identity because the school, therapist, and doctor are calling you unsupportive if you do not comply with their treatment plan that you feel is harmful to your child?


Have you only found groups that require you to agree to everything they say or else you are labeled as “hateful” or “unsupportive” even though no one would ever consider you either?


Are you scared to lose custody of your child because you do not want them to be socially and medically “transitioned” to a different sex?


Did you consent to psychological and medical treatment of your minor child to “transition,” and now you regret that decision?


Are you scared to share your story?


You are not alone. We want to hear from you.

Teachers & School Professionals

Are you a teacher or school professional who feels that you cannot speak up about practices and curricula at your place of employment that you think are developmentally inappropriate, damaging to children’s sense of safety and security, or not scientifically accurate?


Have you watched children be told by school staff or students, “Maybe you’re not really a girl. Maybe you’re a boy,” and seen a look of confusion and self-doubt appear on their faces?


Do you feel that your education and experience in child development is being undermined by parents demanding that their preschool or elementary age children are now girls because they “want to wear dresses like mom” or are now boys because they “like to play with cars and trucks rather than dolls”?


Do you feel that the idea that a child can change sex is damaging to identity development, especially in young children?


In middle and high schools, do you feel uncomfortable about being required to not tell parents about their child’s “gender identity” and “preferred names and pronouns” while at school?


Do you feel that you are responsible for teaching gender identity when you do not agree with that belief and know many parents of your students who would not want their school to be promoting that belief?


Do you fear being labeled as “transphobic” for voicing your concerns or losing your job for speaking up?


Are you scared of losing your professional license and jeopardizing your career, but you feel that you are forced to choose between what you know is right and complying with school policies that could be harmful to children?


You are not alone. We want to hear from you.

Medical Professionals

Are you a nurse, doctor, or health care professional who has witnessed children who demonstrate significant mental health illnesses being treated with drugs and surgeries that have only been approved for life-threatening physical illnesses not for psychological discomfort?


Are you concerned about off-label uses of pharmaceuticals and experimental treatments done to minors who are still in the process of physical and mental development?


Are you worried that parents are not given adequate information in order to give informed consent to medical treatments for their children?


Do you see parents who dismiss their children’s concerns about regret and may even be coercing their children into complying to treatment that the children cannot fully understand or grasp the implications of?


Do you feel like patients are being harmed but you are scared to speak up because you might lose your position within the organization, your job, or your professional license for not complying with the orders of your supervisors and colleagues?


You are not alone. We want to hear from you.




Are you a therapist who feels that you cannot address your clients’ underlying mental health issues without fear of being accused of not “affirming” their gender identity?


Do you work as part of a practice in which you do not have the seniority or platform to voice your concerns about the “affirmation only” approach required by your office?


Do you feel that you are not helping your clients as well as you could because your ability to use your professional expertise is inhibited by the policies of your professional association or group practice?


Do you feel pressured or coerced into providing letters of support for medical treatments that will “transition” your clients but that you feel will not alleviate and may actually compound their mental health challenges as well as add new, real physical discomfort?


You are not alone. We want to hear from you.


Transitioners & Detransitioners

Are you a person who has “transitioned” or “detransitioned” who feels that you were misdiagnosed with gender dysphoria?


Do you feel that you were able to give informed consent to medical procedures involved in your “transition”?


Did your “transition” decrease your need for psychological therapy and medical treatment or did it increase your need for psychological and medical care?


Do you feel that you have a supportive place to share your honest thoughts?


Do you fear repercussions at school, work, or home if you express your genuine thoughts and feelings about your transition?


Are you worried that you will disappoint your family and friends?


Do you regret decisions that you made at a different point in your life?


You are not alone. We want to hear from you.


All Who Are Concerned

Are you concerned about children and young people?


Do you want to be able to distinguish between what research shows and what lobby groups, large pharmaceutical corporations, and advocacy groups promote?


We are not scared to tell you what is happening to children. We are not worried about pushback or threats. We know that we must expose the realities of what is happening so that more children are not harmed. Please bring your voice to this effort.


We value your intelligence, your experience, and your commitment to doing what is difficult but necessary. Your intuition is right—there is something very wrong with what is happening to children and young people when they are told that they were “born in the wrong body.” They are suffering an injustice, and we want to support your efforts in bringing justice to these children and holding professional associations and practitioners to a standard of ethical care that meets children’s physical and psychological needs.


We want to hear from you.


You are not alone, and we want to connect you to resources that can support you in bringing these concerns to light and bringing justice to the lives of children and young people who are being harmed.

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