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All Who Are Concerned

Are you concerned about children and young people?


Do you want to be able to distinguish between what research shows and what lobby groups, large pharmaceutical corporations, and advocacy groups promote?


We are not scared to tell you what is happening to children. We are not worried about pushback or threats. We know that we must expose the realities of what is happening so that more children are not harmed. Please bring your voice to this effort.


We value your intelligence, your experience, and your commitment to doing what is difficult but necessary. Your intuition is right—there is something very wrong with what is happening to children and young people when they are told that they were “born in the wrong body.” They are suffering an injustice, and we want to support your efforts in bringing justice to these children and holding professional associations and practitioners to a standard of ethical care that meets children’s physical and psychological needs.


We want to hear from you.


You are not alone, and we want to connect you to resources that can support you in bringing these concerns to light and bringing justice to the lives of children and young people who are being harmed.

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