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Transitioners & Detransitioners

Are you a person who has “transitioned” or “detransitioned” who feels that you were misdiagnosed with gender dysphoria?


Do you feel that you were able to give informed consent to medical procedures involved in your “transition”?


Did your “transition” decrease your need for psychological therapy and medical treatment or did it increase your need for psychological and medical care?


Do you feel that you have a supportive place to share your honest thoughts?


Do you fear repercussions at school, work, or home if you express your genuine thoughts and feelings about your transition?


Are you worried that you will disappoint your family and friends?


Do you regret decisions that you made at a different point in your life?

Do you feel that your relationship with your body has gotten more complicated since transition/detransition?


You are not alone. We want to hear from you.

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