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As Mother's Day 2021 Approaches

Here’s how I am this week, as Mother’s Day approaches again.

I’m exhausted, and frustrated, and scared.

I pulled all of my kids from public school after one announced a transgender identity, and all the teachers, administrators, and counselors began lying to me, using my child’s made-up name and fake pronouns behind my back, and undermining my husband and me to our child with words like “unsupportive” and “inappropriate.”

That child desisted and came back to reality after we cut off all the trans juice flowing from the school and the GSA club and social media and woke neighbors. So I know pulling my kids from public school and homeschooling them was the right decision.

But now I have no fallback position, no Plan B. We’re in Plan D now. I didn’t just deploy the safety net; I am the safety net.