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The Lost Boys- Searching for Manhood: Stories of Transition, Regret and Hope

As the final installment in the trilogy of films by Jennifer Lahl and Kallie Fell, of The Centre for Bioethics and Culture Network, that tactfully explore the dark side of “transgenderism” and medical transition, “The Lost Boys- Searching for Manhood” tells the stories of five young men forever changed by “gender”.


Following “Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender?” and “The Detransition Diaries: Saving our Sisters”, this powerful film gives viewers a deeper look into the thought processes by which these young men each adopted a “gender identity” and accepted the barbaric medical malpractice being offered to them as “a cure”.  From being a “late bloomer” to traumatic experiences in childhood, to “sissy hypno” pornography, the revelations of these “lost boys” act as a warning to young people and break down a few pages of the “trans” playbook for parents.


All of these young men, trying to find a sense of self in a world slowly painting masculinity with a tainted brush, were able to recover from the delusion that they “were women”, but not without life changing effects on their bodies and their minds.  In the thought-provoking film, we hear about not only their ongoing struggles, some having become lifelong medical patients, but also the hope and perseverance woven into a “recovery” group and re-envisioned goals for the future.


Unpacking the young men’s firsthand knowledge of the onset and persistence of socially, and often pornography, driven confusion over one’s sex, are Drs. Joe Burgo and Az Hakeem. Dr. Hakeem sews together the prevalence of pre-existing mental health conditions and the steamroll of “trans” over our society as the latest popular subculture that lures young men into this widespread medical malpractice currently occurring in the Western World.


This installment of the impactful trilogy, focussing on the male experience of “trans”, showcases the wide range of emotional, social, and physical catalysts toward medical “transition”, reminding viewers that a one-size-fits-all “treatment” is waiting in the wings for any young man experiencing confusion with his sex.


Ritchie Herron, outspoken in his Substack essays and on social media platforms about the permanent damage done to him by so-called medical professionals, was given GnRH Analogues (Puberty Blockers) at age 26, a drug being doled out, sometimes over the phone, to 8-year-olds in North America.  Ritchie divulges his hesitance, to put it mildly, for the castration he ultimately underwent, while drifting into a drug induced sleep on the operating table. 


Ritchie’s last-minute resistance to the “life-saving care” that had been pushed upon him was illustrated as a running theme throughout the candid testimonies of the five young men featured in the film.  We hear about medical “professionals” slapping on the label of “trans” in the first minutes of consultation, and “gender” surgeons persistently soliciting these young men with the promise of finding their “true selves” if only they take the drugs and have the surgeries.


Each of the resilient young men highlighted in the documentary illuded to the gut feelings they had to pull away from something that would harm them intermingled with the reassurance from the people around them that this was the answer they’ve been seeking.


“The Lost Boys” proves to be a must watch for not only parents of young men trapped in the coerced confusion of “gender identity ideology”, but also these young people themselves. 


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