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Pediatrician Tells Parent (in front of Daughter) that Daughter May Kill Herself

My daughter’s pediatrician, at another practice, told me that I needed to find a different therapist for my daughter who has identified as a boy for the last three years. She has a therapist that is helping her work through the nuances of teenage identity with a focus on my daughter staying whole and healthy. Since her therapist is not a “gender” therapist, her pediatrician told me, in front of my daughter, that if I didn’t get her “the help she needed” that I was going to feel awfully guilty if my daughter killed herself.

I began looking for a new pediatrician and maybe an additional therapist for my daughter. I reached out to Chase Brexton in Glen Burnie as it is close to our home. The man I spoke to offered to make an appointment for us after I explained what happened with our current pediatrician and let him know that we were looking for a holistic approach to help my daughter through this confusing time. He stated he also wanted us to make an appointment with their on site endocrinologist when we came in. I asked him why he wanted us to do that, he said he wanted us to have a chance to discuss the pros and cons of hormone therapy and be able to ask questions about it. I reiterated to him that we were not looking for medical treatment for my daughter’s dysphoria, we were looking for a holistic drug free approach.

Why would we see the endocrinologist if we were not looking for hormone therapy? I ultimately did not make any appointments for my daughter here as I felt I would be putting her at risk for fast-tracked medical transition which I do not feel is the safest healthiest choice for her.

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