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Put your values into action this Mother's Day with our $10 Power Pack!


For a $10 Suggested donation

the Truth Teller Power Pack contains

50 postcards of your choice!


There are bulletin boards in coffee shops, libraries, and community centers waiting for these postcards. There are legislators, local officials, journalists, principals, and mental and medical health providers who need to know what's happening. There are friends, relatives, and neighbors down the street who deserve a message from PEC and (anonymously) from you. Spread the truth one postcard at a time.


We created these Power Packs because that's what we're giving you--the power to put your values into action, to do something meaningful and significant to help prevent more harm to children. We deeply appreciate your support of the movement against unethical care by schools and mental and medical health professionals. Thank you!

Truth Teller Power Pack

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