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Teachers & School Professionals

Are you a teacher or school professional who feels that you cannot speak up about practices and curricula at your place of employment that you think are developmentally inappropriate, damaging to children’s sense of safety and security, or not scientifically accurate?


Have you watched children be told by school staff or students, “Maybe you’re not really a girl. Maybe you’re a boy,” and seen a look of confusion and self-doubt appear on their faces?


Do you feel that your education and experience in child development is being undermined by parents demanding that their preschool or elementary age children are now girls because they “want to wear dresses like mom” or are now boys because they “like to play with cars and trucks rather than dolls”?


Do you feel that the idea that a child can change sex is damaging to identity development, especially in young children?


In middle and high schools, do you feel uncomfortable about being required to not tell parents about their child’s “gender identity” and “preferred names and pronouns” while at school?


Do you feel that you are responsible for teaching gender identity when you do not agree with that belief and know many parents of your students who would not want their school to be promoting that belief?


Do you fear being labeled as “transphobic” for voicing your concerns or losing your job for speaking up?


Are you scared of losing your professional license and jeopardizing your career, but you feel that you are forced to choose between what you know is right and complying with school policies that could be harmful to children?


You are not alone. We want to hear from you.

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