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We believe that children and young people are worthy and entitled to dignity.

This site is for everyone who is concerned about the social and medical ‘transition’ of children, the introduction of ‘gender identity’ teaching into schools, and new policies and legislation based on subjective ideas of ‘gender’ rather than the biological reality of sex.

This site is for parents, carers, and even teenagers themselves who are worried about the sudden identification of a loved one as "transgender" or worried about new teachings or ideologies.  We advocate that children, like adults, are entitled to sex-segregated spaces to feel comfortable in changing rooms and toilets. 

This site is for everyone who is concerned about the ‘identity politics’ movement and its promotion to children and adolescents.

This space is for teachers, doctors, and professionals who are increasingly concerned about policies that they cannot challenge for fear of being labeled ‘transphobic.’

This site is for everyone who questions the dangerous medicalization of childhood, the invasive and life-changing medical experiments being performed on minors, and the aggressive tactics of transgender and LGBT organizations to promote, lobby, and normalize unproven medical procedures 

Our Mission is to provide you will find information and research, resources for parents and teachers and legal information.

Our Mission is to answer any question which parents or health professionals who are questioning this new theory have and give practical advice. 

We believe that puberty is not a disease, we believe that we cannot pathologize what is essentially a normal childhood experience and send children down a path to infertility and medical ruin. 

We believe that there is a wealth of disinformation being spread to our young people and it is hard to see the truth. 

We believe that there has been an ideological capture of several institutions that we must, as parents and scientists question and investigate. 

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