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Transing Our Children Cafeteria Options

Transing Our Children

by PEC co-founder Erin Brewer

with Maria Keffler

Children K-12 are taught that their bodies have nothing to do with their "gender identity" and that boys might really be girls and girls might actually be boys. Parents who hold biologically accurate views on sex and gender, and therefore refuse to capitulate to the medicalization of their children's healthy bodies, are undermined and vilified as "hateful, toxic, abusive, and transphobic." Teenage girls' healthy breasts and young men's healthy penises and testicles are removed in experimental procedures that irrevocably damage their sexuality and fertility. Gender therapists and doctors lie to parents and children, claiming that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are fully reversible and do no harm to young bodies and brains.

Transing Our Children is the fruit of a deep, wide, and horror-inducing investigation into the twisted world of childhood transgenderism. Brewer and Keffler have applied their analytic and critical-thinking skills to unmask this beast of an ideology, producing this thorough and ground-breaking book.

Paperback ($9.95) & Ebook ($6.95) at Amazon (Click Here)

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What People Are Saying About Transing Our Children
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Erin Brewer, PhD., is co-founder of Partners for Ethical Care and the Compassion Coalition, and is dedicated to helping people understand the underlying issues of gender dysphoria.

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