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Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, Caregivers, & Young Persons

Are you a parent, grandparent, relative, caregiver, or young person who is confused by the sudden identification of a loved one as “transgender,” concerned about what children are being taught to think about their own bodies during lessons at school, or worried about your child’s (or your own) sense of safety in changing rooms and toilets of public and private buildings?


Do you think that teachers, friends, or parents at your child’s school implied that her/his haircut and clothing preferences, interests, friend groups, and social activities might mean that they were “born in the wrong body” and therefore the wrong sex?


Are you bothered that personality traits are now seen as belonging to the opposite sex?


Do you think that the discomfort that we all experience with our bodies during puberty is now being labeled as a “medical condition” requiring puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical procedures that have life-long impacts that include the inability to experience sexual pleasure or conceive children?


Are you having trouble finding others who share your concerns, or have your feelings and concerns been dismissed as “unsupportive” or worse, pushing the myth that your questions will “cause your child to commit suicide” (which is untrue)?


Does your child have symptoms of depression, anxiety, or autism but the focus of therapy or medical treatment seems to be on a recent declaration of a “transgender” identity rather than pre-existing mental health conditions?


Do you feel that you have no choice but to agree to your child’s demands for a new identity because the school, therapist, and doctor are calling you unsupportive if you do not comply with their treatment plan that you feel is harmful to your child?


Have you only found groups that require you to agree to everything they say or else you are labeled as “hateful” or “unsupportive” even though no one would ever consider you either?


Are you scared to lose custody of your child because you do not want them to be socially and medically “transitioned” to a different sex?


Did you consent to psychological and medical treatment of your minor child to “transition,” and now you regret that decision?


Are you scared to share your story?


You are not alone. We want to hear from you.

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