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(and what to do about it)

The Entry Points

The "Entry Points"

The following guide to getting transgender ideology into schools was taken from materials published by an organization called Gender Spectrum that promotes gender theory. Please note it has since been removed. It is unlikely that Gender Spectrum ever intended for anyone outside their community to recognize the war-room approach they've taken to our schools.


The Internal Entry Point aims to change the way people think about gender. In other words, they seek to re-form reality.

The Interpersonal Entry Point aims to change the way people talk about gender. In other words, they seek to re-create language to suit and support their ideology.

The Instructional Entry Point aims to shoehorn gender topics into every school class and club. This entry point is designed to make Family Life Education (sex education) opt-outs useless because gender ideology would be infused not only academics, but in the entire atmosphere and life of the school.

The Institutional Entry Point aims to develop and enforce policy around transgender ideology. H.R. 5, or the so-called "Equality Act" is an example of this, in that it redefines personhood and obliterates any legal reference to a person's biological sex.

In schools transgender activists insist upon policies to "protect" trans- gender students, but these policies really give preferential treatment to self-identified transgender students, as well as eradicate privacies and protections for the rest of the student body, and give schools greater authority and autonomy over children than have their parents.​

Internal Entry Point.png
Interpersonal Entry Point.png
Instructional Entry Point.png
Institutional Entry Point.png
Family Life Education

Family Life Education (FLE): a.k.a "Sex Ed"

Gender Curriculum in Core Classes

"Family Life Education" (FLE), better known as Sex Ed, is where all information about human sexuality and sexual behavior is supposed to be housed. This is the health class we traditionally think of as teaching kids about basic health and safety, and about preventing STDs and unplanned pregnancies. Many jurisdictions allow parents to opt their children out of these classes.

Today, however, FLE has become a vehicle for promoting non-factual gender theory, and these subjects are no longer contained in the discrete FLE class. (See Gender Curriculum in Core Classes, below).

Each state has guidelines for what must be taught in FLE classes, and when parents inquire about what their children are learning in FLE, they are handed an innocuous list of learning objectives taken from state guidelines.


When parents seek specifics about school curricula, schools use a wide variety of subterfuges. For example, a teacher will send a parent to the principal, who refers the parent to the district supervisor of FLE. The district supervisor then claims that no district-wide curricula exist, but each teacher creates his or her own lessons, and the district supervisor refers the parent back to the teacher, who then refers the parent to the principal...

It's a cross between a game of hot potato and a game of shells, but none of the cups ever gets lifted to reveal where the potato is.

What can parents do?

First, submit a Sex & Gender Education Opt-Out form to every teacher your child sees, to the school principal, to the district FLE supervisor, to the superintendent, and to the school board.


Also, ask specific questions, and/or submit a Freedom of Information Act request(2):

  • "I want to see all lesson plans, curricula, materials, and scripts used to address gender theory between 2018-2021."

  • "I want a list of outside speakers and organizations that have presented any material related to gender theory between 2018-2021."

  • "I want to see all communications, internal and external, which address gender theory curricula and policies."

  • "I want a list of all books, movies, magazines, pamphlets, and/or other written or visual media which present any information on the topic of gender theory at this school."

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 7.44.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 6.44.53 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 6.46.34 AM.png
Porn Shown to 9th Graders.png


Gender Curriculum in Core Classes

Coloring Book.webp
HILT Trans Category Doc.webp

"The librarian at my daughter's middle school encouraged a group of 6th graders that are ONLINE FULL TIME, to read the book "Rick" by Alex Gino. She also read from the book to the children. The librarian told me that they have a diverse group of students and need to address all groups. I'm not sure how you determine that kids are struggling with sexual orientation and gender identity when they are 1) brand new to your school, and 2) online learners. The principal supported the librarian and dismissed my concerns."

Yorktown presentation.webp

All material related to human sexuality is supposed to be contained in Family Life Education classes, but that is no longer the case in schools today. Gender theory has been diffused throughout the school day, by introducing it via novels like Symptoms of Being Human and Some Girls Bind; via special events and presentations, like when transgender activist Sarah McBride came to Ashlawn Elementary School (Arlington, VA) to read I Am Jazz to two classes of kindergartners, without their parents' knowledge or permission; and via Gender-Sexuality Clubs, "anti-bullying" lessons that feature transgender topics, and transgender-themed posters on the walls in the classes and in the hallways.

Following are examples of actual events:

  • A counselor enters a 7th-grade English classroom and gives a presentation on gender harassment, utilizing a third-party video that is unavailable to parents without a licensing code, and refuses to let a child excuse himself from the lesson.

  • A school district instructs teachers to write on a dry-erase board things like "I like oral sex" and have students stand under the boards that apply to them. The teachers are instructed to erase the boards immediately after class so there is no record.

  • A middle-school boy is forced to share the locker room with his childhood friend, a girl who has decided she is a boy and is then granted access to the boys' locker room. When the boys express their discomfort seeing their female friend undressed, the principal dismisses their concerns and cites anti-bullying laws.

  • A teacher presents an interactive unit on gender identity to 4th and 5th graders, and asks a child to read My Princess Boy aloud to the other students.

  • A 6th-grade class is shown a TED Talk from the Mermaids (U.K. Transgender Advocacy Organization) CEO, featuring the phrase, “God made a mistake.”

  • 6th through 12th graders at a joint middle/high school participate together in the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club. Their advisor is not present during meetings. One 7th grader shared with her parents what she learned in GSA about being genderfluid, genderqueer, and gender-nonconforming.

  • An immigrant student in a high-impact language class came home with an English vocabulary list that used transgenderism examples to define the word “category.”

  • A 9th grade student comes home with a Gender Unicorn and LGBTQ glossary with accompanying graded quiz in her class folder.

  • A 6th grader is given the transgender novel Rick by the school librarian. 

  • GSA club members (students) give PowerPoint presentations on transgenderism to other students in health classes, family life education classes, and in an English class for low-level language students.

    The list goes on and on and on.

GSA/Cult List
Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 8.59.42 AM.png
Curricula & Materials

Curricula & Materials

Gender Indoctrination is not happening organically or by accident. Following the Entry Points outlined above, gender activists have partnered with organizations which stand to profit from children who are confused about who they are, to create spurious, unscientific, and wildly unfounded curricula and materials around gender theory.

Organizations creating non-factual curricula and materials for schools include, but are not limited to:

School libraries are being filled with books and resources promoting transgender theory, both by librarians who select materials and by organizations which "gift" boxes of transgender-themed storybooks and novels to school libraries. Scholastic Books(9),  which has for decades sent home order sheets for kids to purchase their own books, and which sponsors school book fairs also pushes transgender materials into school and homes.


Whereas vampires and werewolves subsumed young adult literature throughout the first decade of the 2000's, "trans" lit is the new "it" genre for kids and young adults. The stories churned out by this new school of "authors" are mostly as trite, hackneyed, and poorly written as books in the formulaic bodice-ripper (romance) genre.

Students are inundated with transgender ideology at school via:

  • "Trans" storybooks and novels assigned/suggested in English classrooms

  • "Trans" storybooks and novels read/offered to them during library time

  • History lessons rewritten to characterize historical figures as transgender people, and/or supporting gender theory

  • Posters on the walls advertise GSA clubs, school plays on sex and transgender topics, and slogans such as "Be Who You Are" and "Some People Are Transgender: Get Over It"

  • GSA club members teaching sex and gender via powerpoint, creating peer pressure via "Peer-Led Sex Ed"

  • Science classes taught as vehicles for promoting social change

  • Teachers & counselors who ask students to declare their gender identity in class

  • "Coming Out" parties and assemblies for individuals who announce new gender identitites

It is made very clear to children what is of utmost importance at school: sex and gender ideology are presented as though they are paramount to all academic disciplines; and those who claim to be other-than-typical are to be celebrated, revered, and never questioned or criticized.


The librarian at my daughter's middle school encouraged a group of 6th graders that are ONLINE FULL TIME, to read the book "Rick" by Alex Gino. She not only made the statement, but in addition to encouraging the kids to read the book she also took the time to read from the book to the children. The librarian told me that they have a diverse group of students and need to address all groups. I'm not sure how you determine that kids are struggling with sexual orientation and gender identity when they are 1) brand new to your school, and 2) online learners. The principal supported the librarian and dismissed my concerns.


Trans Poster.jpg
Queer Kid Stuff Youtube.png
The Counseling Department

The Counseling Department


I am concerned about the appropriateness of subject matter presented to various developmental levels. As an example, I am aware of an assembly directed to 11 and 12 year olds that was offered by APS high school students speaking on the subject of their personal gender identity journeys. Their personal stories included being bullied by fellow students and significant levels of emotional distress. The developmental level of the hearers was too young to sort out the pathos of the stories from the subtext that gender is fluid and subject to change. De-facto, the assembly functioned as a type of indoctrination. I don't believe that indoctrination was the intention of the organizers of the event but the audience was not developmentally prepared to sort out what they were hearing.


Arlington Public Schools (VA)

APS Counseling.webp

School counselors have overwhelmingly become aligned with transgender ideology, and will label as "unsupportive" any adult who does not fall in line with the affirmation-only response to a child's announcement of a new gender identity.


Once a parent or guardian is labeled unsupportive, school staff assign themselves the role of the child's savior and protector against his or her "unsafe," "toxic," "hateful," "bigoted," "transphobic" (etc., etc.) parents, and actively wedges the school between the children and the parents.


The American School Counselor Association (ASCA), which is the largest school counselors' union in the United States, gives counselors this mandate on deceiving parents in ASCA's position statement(10) on transgender/gender-nonconforming youth:

"When contacting the parent/guardian of a transgender or gender-nonconforming student, school staff should use the student’s legal name and the pronoun corresponding to the student’s assigned sex at birth, unless the student or parent/guardian has specified otherwise."

One wonders how a parent/guardian could have "specified otherwise" if neither the child nor the school has never revealed to the parent that the child is presenting as a different gender at school than at home.

While there are school counselors who do not agree with affirmation-only, and who do not capitulate to pressure that they deceive parents, such school counselors are no longer are the norm, given ASCA's guidance. If your child presents an alternate gender identity, assume that the counseling department and the school is working against you if you question affirmation-only.

School counselors also teach and promote gender identity under the guise of anti-bullying. When you see the words "anti-bullying," "diversity," "inclusion," and/or "equity" on any school materials you can be sure these refer at least in part to gender identity training.

It is PEC's position that if parents of transgender-identified children do not wish to align with affirmation-only, it is imperative for their child's safety and well-being that the child be withdrawn from public school unless the school administration, teachers, and counseling staff commit to following the parent's guidance on responding to this issue in the child's life.

School Board & Administration

School Boards & Administration

When parents go to school board members to express concerns about policies and curricula related to gender indoctrination, parents are typically told that the superintendent and school administration are the ones responsible for what is taught and how it is taught at school; ostensibly, according to the school board, such issues are not part of the school board's purview.

When parents go to the superintendent's office to express concerns about policies and curricula related to gender indoctrination, parents are typically told that the school board is responsible for setting school policies and determining what is taught and how it is taught at school; ostensibly, according to the superintendent's office, such issues are not part of the administration's purview.

The runaround is the modus operandi for schools that indoctrinate kids into gender identity, and seek to make the indoctrination as opaque as possible for as long as possible.

What can parents and concerned community members do?

Quite a lot.

  • Send a FOIA request for specific information about what is happening in school and who is influencing what is taught. (See Family Life Education, above.)

  • Write a Letter to the Editor(11) or Op-Ed(12) to a local newspaper and/or a national news outlet. School boards and superintendents are ferociously concerned about school image, because it affects their positions as well as issues like zoning and property values.

  • Send letters to the school board, the superintendent, principals, teachers, coaches, and anyone who has influence or interest in this issue. Digital communication makes it easy to replicate and proliferate emails, and schools are generally required to respond within a certain time frame to communications they receive.

  • Start a parent watchdog group in your district with other concerned parents. 

  • Attend school board meetings and be persistent. As the saying goes, one who thinks s/he is too small to have an influence never tried sleeping in a tent with a mosquito.

School Board Super.png

Response to "Have you been asked or compelled to take training on transgender topics and/or school policies?" Yes, I was compelled to take training. The training was very condescending of conservative and Biblical values.


School Staff Member;
Position & location not released

for publishing because of

fear of retribution

I am concerned that much of the transgender ideology is not necessarily research-based and not develop-mentally appropriate or good for children. I am committed first and foremost to serving the best interests of my students. This could potentially create a conflict for me if I am required to implement instruction that is based in transgender ideology.

Pre-K/Kindergarten Teacher

Location Withheld

How School Deceive Parents Citations
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