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A Mother Threatens to Sexually Assault Her Child, and Society Applauds

Jazz Jenning’s mother ruminates that Jazz is not responsible enough to dilate the hole surgeons created between his legs to simulate a vagina.

A disturbing video is circulating on social media.

Jazz Jenning’s mother ruminates that Jazz is not responsible enough to dilate the hole surgeons created between his legs to simulate a vagina.

Holes such as these are forever-open wounds that the body keeps trying to close, so periodic insertion of a rubber, tampon-shaped device called a “dilator” is necessary to keep the wound from healing.

Jazz’s mother asserts that her son is not responsible enough to take care of himself post-surgery. But if he can’t follow such basic after-care instructions, was he capable of providing consent to the procedure in the first place?

Jazz’s mother also admits that she has “woken Jazz out of a dead sleep and taken the dilator, and put the lubrication on it and said, ‘here, you take this and you put it in your vagina. If not, I will.’”

In other words, she threatened to sexually assault her child. Despite her clear, stated intention to insert a foreign object into her child’s genital orifice, this woman continues to star in a nationally televised reality show.

She should instead be arrested and charged with sexual assault.

Why does society not only accept but applaud this kind of child abuse? Because Jazz’s mother claims that Jazz insisted he was female as soon as he could speak?

So what?

The children’s storybook I Am Jazz occupies the shelves of thousands of school libraries, and activists like Tim McBride (a.k.a. Sarah McBride) go into kindergarten classrooms to read it to impressionable children.

I Am Jazz paints a deceptively idyllic picture of a young boy who was supposedly “born in the wrong body.”

The book never explores why a toddler might feel this way.

The book never examines why Jazz’s mother proved so willing to medically abuse her child with dangerous and experimental puberty blockers, wrong-sex hormones, and invasive cosmetic surgery.

The book never considers whether a child is competent to consent to these medical interventions.

The book never questions whether Jazz might be in exactly the right body, but instead could have a mother who is uncomfortable with her feminine son.

And the book never hints that Jazz’s mother will one day threaten to rape her son if he refuses to insert a lubricated dilator into a wound that his body is trying to heal.

The story of Jazz Jennings is horrifying and heartbreaking. Spinning it otherwise is nothing but a lie that covers up the sadistic abuse of one child while it promotes the same abuse for countless other innocent kids.

The Jennings family is not one to emulate or adulate.

They are abusers.

Erin Brewer is a partner with Partners for Ethical Care. Contact Dr. Brewer via

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