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A Warm Welcome Our Summer Legal Intern!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Partners for Ethical Care is proud to introduce our summer legal intern, Katie. Sharing our views on the dangers of experimental medical drugs and procedures, particularly where children are concerned, she has already started working with us this summer to put her knowledge and skills to excellent use. Katie will be adding her strong voice to ours as we tackle the legal and legislative barriers that keep children vulnerable and without protection from the unethical and malicious ‘transgender’ movement.

Recognizing the need for change in the downspout of legislation that allows these unsubstantiated psychological, chemical, and surgical interventions to continue, Katie is working diligently with PEC to challenge them. She will be sharing some of the projects we’re working on together for this vital fight, and you will be able to follow our collaborative work through the blog.

Katie is studying law and planning on seeking justice for those harmed by experimental medical treatments while challenging the misguided laws and bills that allow them to be carried out in the first place. She contacted us early this year stating her admiration of our work and asking how she could be of service in our work, and we are incredibly thankful that she’s chosen to work alongside us. We work tirelessly to counteract the legal and social changes that are sending thousands of troubled young people to clinics and operating rooms unnecessarily and Katie has signed on to help us achieve more of our goals over the summer of 2022.

Meet our summer intern, Katie!

“My name is Katie, and I am a JD candidate, class of 2024, following my passion through my University's School of Law. I aspire to be a trial attorney, particularly in complex medical malpractice cases representing plaintiffs who have been harmed by “transition” related procedures. I am especially concerned about children who are being harmed medically by so-called “childhood transition,” and I would like to provide them legal recourse, as the harm to them is inevitable and unjust. Additionally, I aspire to influence public policy to protect children and adults from the predatory gender industry, and contribute to legal scholarship on the topic of this particular area of public interest. I am thrilled and so grateful to have the opportunity to work with and learn from PEC as a legal intern for the summer of 2022.”

We are looking forward to having Katie as a member of our team as we continue our mission toward righting the wrongs being done to young people under the guise of “healthcare,” which is not care at all.

Stay tuned for Katie’s upcoming additions to our blog and help us give her a well deserved warm welcome to Partners for Ethical Care!

We are able to do this work because of generous donations from YOU—giving $25, $100, or even $250–to support our mission and the costs associated with raising awareness about the unethical treatment of children by the gender industry. Please donate today to ensure that we can continue this necessary work. It is a collaborative effort, with time and donations, and we cannot do it without you. Thank you!


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