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All About the Money: Sex Reassignment Surgery Touted as “Growth Market”

Global Market Insights, Inc. (GMI), a market research and management consulting company which aids businesses toward reaching sales goals and maximizing profits, has published a report on Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), calling the industry a “Growth Market.” The full report, which costs anywhere from $5150.00 to $9150.00 depending on who’s buying it, outlines the market trends and influences driving the SRS market, as well as illuminates strategies for optimizing profits from:

  • Phallectomies (removal of the penis)

  • Orchiectomies (removal of the testes)

  • Vaginoplasties (creation of a simulated vagina)

  • Hysterectomies (removal of the uterus and associated organs)

  • Phalloplasties (creation of a simulated penis), and

  • Cosmetic surgeries such as facial feminization or masculinization

The existence of such a market report, which catalogues in Machiavellian detail how to create more global “need” for surgical interventions on perfectly healthy bodies, is both horrifying and evidentiary of the predatory and strategically intentional invention of transgender “medicine.”

While Partners for Ethical Care has not purchased the full report, its abstract offers more than enough insight to understand exactly what is driving the transgender industry:

  • The Global Market Value (GMV) of SRS in 2019 was $316 million.

  • The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) expected each year from 2020-26 is 25.1%. That means the GMV is expected to exceed $1.5 billion by 2026.

  • Growth drivers include favorable government policies, health insurance coverage of SRS, and rising public awareness.

If, as the transgender industry likes to claim, transgender people are “born this way,” then only a finite number of people (historically 0.7% of the population) would ever pursue SRS at all. Therefore, SRS can only become a growth market if individuals and institutions with a financial interest in it actively generate greater demand for it than exists in reality.

GMI offers no reports on growing the market for cystic fibrosis or anorexia treatments, nor even a single study on market research for lesbian/gay-directed products and services.

That GMI has created a report on how to cultivate a market for SRS demonstrates what’s become crystal clear: the transgender industry is actively and methodically promoting transgender theory and medicine for profit.

Maria Keffler is a partner at Partners for Ethical Care. She lives in Arlington, VA. Contact Ms Keffler at

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