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As Goes California, So Goes The Nation: Gender Harm Will Not End Until It Ends In California

We Can End In California With Ballot Initiatives

We are sharing this recent article with permission from Erin Friday, Esq. and Jennifer Kennedy, Esq. with Our Duty's Substack.

You can find the original piece and more here: Our Duty's Substack

by Erin Friday, Esq. and Jennifer Kennedy, Esq.

California is leading the charge in promoting “gender transitions” of as many kids as it can, as fast as it can, and normalizing the notion that sex is merely a belief, not an anatomical certainty. One might think that this delusional concept had sprung straight from LaLa Land, but California can’t take credit; it was actually Massachusetts that started the modern trend in the United States of taking healthy children’s bodies and destroying them. Led by Harvard-trained pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Norman Spack and psychologist Laura Edwards-Leeper, Boston Children’s Hospital opened the very first pediatric gender clinic. Dr. Spack had attended a meeting in Europe around the turn of the century (2000). It was there that he had learned about the Dutch giving puberty blockers to children to retard their natural puberty. Upon the good doctor’s return to the States he announced that he “was salivating – we have to do this.” And he did it, alright, opening the first gender clinic for adolescents in Boston in 2007.

While Boston may claim that that infamous distinction, California is now the front-runner in sex-change procedures on children and in passing laws to ensure that any child with gender dysphoria or other body-related mental health issues can decide which body parts they would like to remove or keep, all in the name of “authenticity,” “inclusivity,” and “acceptance.”

(Image from Reuters.)

As of September 20, 2023, 22 states have enacted bans on sex-change procedures on minors. (Those in red have bans) This is incredible news, but pardon me for being a Debbie Downer: the children of those 22 states are still not safe, because of California. California is now a transgender paradise, luring children into its borders and protecting doctors from states with bans, even if they break the law.

(Image from Human Rights Campaign.)

California Wants Your Gender-Confused Children

Last year, California passed the first of its kind, a “trans-sanctuary” law. Senate Bill 107 allows minors to run away to California and obtain refuge by voiding the Interstate Compact on Juveniles, which normally would require a runaway child to be returned to her home state and her parents. With this trans-sanctuary law, the question of whether a runaway minor will be required to return to the home state and live with her non-affirming parents will be decided by California’s family court judges, precisely the place no parents intent on safeguarding their children from gender ideology wants to find themselves. Runaway gender-confused kids will enter foster care or get picked up by a “rainbow family,” like those offered by Unicorn Homes, which invite runaways ages 14-24 to live with random families or individuals. Gee, what could go wrong with that? Further, once a child is a dependent of the state, that child may receive state-funded gender-transition medical intervention, at her request so long as she is 12 or older. If the child enters foster care, under California law, that child will be placed only with a glitter family willing to scaffold the child’s gender confusion and “support” the child’s self-loathing with “affirmation” and acceptance.

SB107 is the same bill that permits a non-custodial parent to abscond with her child and run off to California where law enforcement will not be able to legally help the custodial parent locate the child or get her back. Under SB107, California courts may disregard the other states’ custody orders and award custody of the gender-confused child to the parent who is willing to experiment on the child’s body with drugs or surgeries. Washington State and Minnesota recently followed suit with other states replicating California’s law. The spread of California’s vile laws will continue unabated if we don’t stop California.

California Will Protect Doctors that Perform Illegal Gender Interventions on Children

California state senator Nancy Skinner, a career politician and the chair of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus (ironic, since she obviously does not know what a woman is) – jockeyed Senate Bill 345 to its enactment in September 2023. SB 345 is an unbelievably dangerous law, but for this article I will comment only on its extraterritorial effects. SB345, which changes eight separate California codes, will protect any doctor who wishes to violate the laws of his home state and remove healthy body parts of minors, as long as the doctor can get themselves to California. That’s right: gender butchers in the 22 states with bans on pediatric gender surgeries are now empowered to continue their child mutilation practice until they get caught, and even then they need only hightail it to California to avoid the long arm of the law. These modern Holocaust Mengeles can readily set up new chop-shops in California, where the patients will be as endless as the summers. Say, maybe the Unicorn Homes will put up these fugitive doctors up for a spell. How cozy and convenient that would be, no?

California Is Embarking on an Advertising Campaign about the Wonderment of Gender Transitioning to Conservative States

This year California passed Senate Bill 447, lightheartedly named “Go-Biz,” the brainchild of President Pro Tempore Senator Toni Atkins. Atkins, a lesbian, and the woman responsible for eliminating all “gendered” language from the California Codes. Astonishing even for California, the new legal codes now use the term “they” for “he” or “she,” because in California we are all trans; sex no longer has meaning nor does grammar. The Go-Biz law will spend almost $600,000 for the BRIDGE project, an advertising campaign rolled out to other states to make sure that kids elsewhere know that California is happy to sterilize them if their own state won’t. The BRIDGE Project Fund will be accepting donations from any commercial enterprise seeking high marks on its ESG score card, which will ensure that the money for removing healthy body parts continue unabated.

To Stop California From Ruining Our Country, We Must Kill Gender Ideology There. We Have The Tools To Do It: Ballot Initiatives

Ballot initiatives have been filed by Protect Kids California ( for the 2024 ballot. The first initiative bans all gender interventions on minors, including drugs and surgeries. The second bans male bodies from female sports, and returns locker rooms and bathrooms to being sex-segregated. The third requires public schools to notify parents if their child is exhibiting gender dysphoria or gender incongruence by asking the school to assist them in socially transitioning, and requiring parental consent for any school-provided gender interventions at school, like breast binders, penis tucking tape, etc. Unsurprisingly, polling shows that voters in even uber-liberal California will vote in favor of all of the initiatives if we get them on the ballot. The vast majority of Californians—75% at last count—want kids to grow up without puberty blockers, hormones, or missing body parts.

Successfully putting these initiatives on the 2024 ballot takes two things: petition signatures and money. If you live in California, we need you to donate and sign up to volunteer. If you don’t live in California, you can still donate and you should donate, because California’s laws will surely affect you as they infect the rest of the country. Our country is at an inflection point, and what you decide today can make all the difference. If every subscriber donates $500.00, we instantly raise $250,000+, but any amount helps. Realistically, we need $6 million to guarantee spots on the ballot. To even have a shot at all, we need $1 million–yesterday. Larger donors will be more likely to donate when we show significant dollars behind us. This means the more we raise right now, the more that others will give. If you want to stamp out gender ideology in America, we must crush it in California.

Please donate here, and pass it on.

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