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Billboard Companies Have Available Spaces, But No Available Spines

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Partners for Ethical Care (PEC) just can’t get a break with the billboard we’ve been trying to put up for over a month.

PEC has money burning a hole in our pocket, thanks to an anonymous donor who wants to advertise Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. But even designs that are initially approved for display keep getting scuttled before they go to print.

PEC has tried various companies and various wordings around phrases like

  • “No Child Is Born in the Wrong Body”

  • “Why Do So Many of Our Youth Think They’re Transgender?”

  • “Puberty Is Not a Disorder” and

  • “Get Informed. Read the Book.”

What exactly is the problem with our billboard designs?

Apparently transgender activists don’t want anyone to see anything transgender activists don’t like, such as a book that uncovers their despicable predation on children.

Ostensibly, our proposed billboard threatens their needs, rights, and personhood.

Golly. Imagine feeling like your needs, rights, and personhood are being trampled upon by someone else’s demands around their needs, rights, and personhood. Imagine, for example if

  • you take your thirteen-year-old daughter for her first bra fitting and discover that the fitting consultant is actually a “transwoman” (man). Apparently, he has the right to be a bra fitter, but your daughter does not have the right to request that her bra be fitted by an actual female. [Chapter 8, p. 143]

  • your college-age daughter has a double mastectomy on her healthy breasts without your knowledge, covered by your insurance without your approval. You may be paying for that policy, but you have no right to decide not to let your child amputate part of her body with it. [Chapter 5, p. 91]

  • you decide to detransition and live by your birth sex, only to be vilified, ostracized, and canceled by the same people who previously applauded and celebrated you for “living as your authentic self.” It seems you’re only allowed to be authentically “transgender” but not authentically your actual sex. [Chapter 10, p. 193]

  • you are fired from your job as a gender therapist—after being a leading figure in the field for three decades—because your research and data contradicts that of the gender industry. You are only allowed to practice in your area of expertise if you abandon everything you know about it. [Chapter 7, pp. 125-6]

  • your child’s fifth-grade teacher tells you that your “parental rights ended when [your child was] enrolled in public school.” So, you can house, feed, and provide all your child’s emotional and physical needs, but the school gets to decide whether to tell you that s/he’s presenting as the opposite sex at school. [Chapter 4, p. 75]

Trans activists demand that they get to live by different standards than the rest of us. One cannot help but remember the statement the pigs eventually painted on the barn wall after the livestock ousted the farmer in Animal Farm: Some animals are more equal than others.

PEC continues to search for a billboard company that won’t be cowed by transgender activists’ draconian delight in silencing truth via anti-free-speech brass-knuckling.

There’s a spine out there somewhere.

Partners for Ethical Care is committed to stopping the gender industry's medicalization of children. Contact PEC via

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