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Children Can’t Afford for Adults to Play Purity Politics

We're not concerned with manufactured outrage.

Partners for Ethical Care was criticized on Twitter this week for sending one of its founders, Maria Keffler, to participate in a panel at the Heritage Foundation next week, in a webinar titled The Promise to America’s Children: Protecting Kids from Extreme Gender Ideology and Laws.”

Ms. Keffler, a teacher and mother, and also a co-founder of the school watchdog group Arlington (VA) Parent Coalition, will respond to education-related questions about how the so-called Equality Act, if passed, will harm children in schools.

The manufactured outrage on Twitter revolved around PEC “partnering” with conservative organizations. The tweeter also pointed to PEC co-founder Erin Brewer’s past presentations at the Eagle Forum.

Egad. How dare we reach across the aisle to shake hands with someone whose policies don’t 100% align with ours?

Until very recently, this is how politics and activism were done.

Until very recently, this is how people navigated their individual and corporate differences.

Until very recently, this was considered professional behavior.

Now “purity politics” demands that we don’t ever work alongside anyone who doesn’t think everything we think is perfectly swell.

Some members of Partners for Ethical Care differ with the Heritage Foundation on a number of issues. Some members think Heritage Foundation is dead-on. But all of PEC’s members agree on one very important point: children should not be medicalized by the gender industry.

So, if the Heritage Foundation is sponsoring a program to fight for children’s protections, and they offered a seat at the table to PEC, you bet we’re going to take it. We’re going to use every platform, every microphone, every single opportunity we get to fight for children.

Because children can’t afford for adults to pick at each other like petty little chickens fighting over the pecking order while the gender industry picks off children by the thousands.


Partners for Ethical Care works to end the unethical medicalization of children by the gender industry. Contact Partners for Ethical Care at

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