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“Dead Name”: An Intimate Review of an Intimate Documentary

“Dead Name” is a powerful and beautifully produced documentary by Broken Hearted Films that exposes the destruction of parental authority and the dystopian overreach being incessantly doled out by the “gender” industry and its supporters. The film skillfully unfolds around three parents’ stories of confusion, heartbreak, and loss surrounding their children’s capture by the “transgender” movement and the pernicious embrace of the “affirmative care” model of medical harm.

The candid accounts recalled by the parents featured in this deeply emotional documentary represent the fear, betrayal, undermining, separation, and loss experienced by a plethora of parents whose children have claimed their own “trans identities". The film’s producers succeeded in thoughtfully capturing the disorientation of a mother overpowered by her very young son’s wish to “be a girl”, a mother’s despair over her teenage daughter’s rejection of everything she had once loved, and a father’s unrelenting grief over the premature passing of his young adult son.

Any parent whose son or daughter has been caught in “gender” ideology’s wide cast net will recognize some of the words openly shared by each of these loving parents and will have cried some of the same tears we see on screen for their own child.

The film is not a gritty exposure of the countless injustices being curated by the “gender” industry, though they make their inevitable appearances, but rather a raw and real fly-on-the-wall experience. Whether you have been strong armed or just lightly touched by the “transgender” movement, this documentary offers a deeper look into its effects on the family, the parents who strive to save their kids from it, and the young people asked to sacrifice the most for it.

We highly recommend this film, a uniquely captivating, thought-provoking and profoundly moving production that humanizes concerned parents and highlights the turmoil that often results when a parent refuses to assign their beloved child a “dead name”.

You can watch “Dead Name” here for a small fee that you can be sure will be used to fight the injustices of the “transgender” agenda:


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