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DO THIS NOW: Email Alabama Legislators Today

Wednesday, March 2 at 1:30pm, the Alabama Judiciary Committee will vote on HB266, Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act (VCAP).

"This bill would prohibit the performance of a medical procedure or the prescription or issuance of medication, upon or to a minor child, that is intended to alter the appearance of the minor child's gender or delay puberty, with certain exceptions. This bill would provide for the disclosure of certain information concerning students to parents by schools."

Here is the list of House Judiciary Committee members to send information and encourage to VOTE YES on HB 266 to protect vulnerable children.

Be polite and brief.

Judge Jim Hill, Chairman:

Rep. Tim Wadsworth, Vice-Chairman:

Rep. David Faulkner:

Rep. Mike Holmes:

Rep. Matt Simpson:

Rep. Phillip Pettus:

Rep. Dickie Drake:

Rep. Wes Allen:

Brandy Allen, House Judiciary Committee Clerk:

We need you to send an email to every member of the committee to encourage them to vote YES on this bill. Some points that you may consider when drafting your email:

  • COST: The state will be paying for a lifetime of healthcare for children who had otherwise healthy bodies. This is billions of dollars.

  • EXPERIMENTATION: There is no long term data to support puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries on minors. We don't know what will happen long-term. We do know that halting natural puberty followed by cross-sex hormones causes sterility and lack of sexual pleasure and function.

  • SUPPORT: Children need mental health and family support after long periods of social isolation. They don't need medical intervention.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We know that social media influences children's behavior. The government has a role to protect children.

  • OUR YOUNGEST CITIZENS: Children are our youngest citizens, and it's our responsibility to protect them from irreversible harm. Children need caring adults, not professionals who look at them as a source of revenue.


Of course, please send a note of thanks to the committee members who have sponsored this important bill. They need your encouragement and appreciation.

Rep. Wes Allen:

Rep. Scott Stadthagen:

Rep. Jeff Sorrells:

Rep. Craig Lipscomb:

Rep. Chip Brown:

Rep. Jamie Kiel:

Rep. Rhett Marques:

Rep. Rodney Sullivan:

Rep. Arnold Mooney:

Rep. Tommy Hanes:

Rep. Ritchie Whorton:

Rep. Mike Holmes:

Rep. Tracy Estes:

Rep. Shane Stringer:

Rep. Charlotte Meadows:

Rep. Reed Ingram:

Rep. Phillip Pettus:

Rep. Andrew Sorrell:

Rep. Bob Fincher:

Rep. Allen Farley:

Rep. Russell Bedsole:

Rep. Jim Carns:

Rep. Andy Whitt:

Every message matters.

Your voice matters.

We stand with you, and we stand for children.

Thank you!

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