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Fundraiser for TV Ad & Billboard

Informing the Public About the Harms of the So-Called "Equality Act"

For Immediate Release

Wisconsin feminist activists Miriam Ben-Shalom and Thistle Pettersen have teamed up to create a fundraiser for a TV ad and billboard to inform citizens about the harms of the federal Equality Act as currently written.

The billboard, pictured below, went up in downtown Milwaukee today after GoFundMe removed the women’s fundraiser due to “prohibited content.” It is unclear what that content was and so far GoFundMe has not specified when asked.

Due to the snow, the women have not been out yet to take a picture of the billboard in the primarily Latino neighborhood at Greenfield just east of 16th Street in Milwaukee, but they plan to meet up with other women, weather permitting, for a photoshoot in front of the board on Saturday.

The TV ad is set to be filmed outside due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and is delayed due to weather, but it should be up and running on WKOW by the end of next week.


Guest columnist Miriam Ben-Shalom is an internationally acknowledged activist of 45 years on behalf of the LGB community. Contact Ms Ben-Shalom via

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