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“Informed Consent” Is Planned Parenthood’s Loophole to Keep Ethical Care Out of the Loop

Part I in a series about Planned Parenthood’s informed consent model.

Informed consent sounds perfectly reasonable until you discover that it's nothing but a workaround for creating unregulated access to drugs.

The informed consent model was developed so those who self-diagnose as “transgender” dictate what they want and healthcare providers acquiesce. Transgender activists don’t want responsible health care professionals interfering with their exploitation of vulnerable people. These unethical activists don’t respect the importance of evidence-based care, and they call doctors who do not provide them with the services they demand “gatekeepers.”

According to gender dogma, no gatekeeper should be able to prevent anyone, even children, from getting wrong-sex hormones.

The FDA designates testosterone as a Schedule III controlled substance, due to “serious safety risks affecting the heart, brain, liver, mental health, and endocrine system” and “adverse outcomes include heart attack, heart failure, stroke.” But gender industry activists insist that their victims—including children—have unfettered access to this dangerous drug.

In what other area of healthcare is a patient granted power to self-diagnose and self-medicate with Schedule-III pharmaceuticals? We don’t provide a drug-addicted fourteen-year-old with a heroin fix or give a clinically depressed woman a hit of crack cocaine just because they say they need it. Allowing patients to dictate their own treatment is as absurd as handing out prescription pads on street corners.

Informed consent is simply a check-box form that allows Planned Parenthood to abdicate its responsibility for ethical health care.

Planned Parenthood is no different from a drug dealer, pumping dangerous hormones into those whose consent is not remotely informed.

Erin Brewer, a partner with Partners for Ethical Care, is a former Planned Parenthood donor and volunteer. Contact Dr. Brewer via

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Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson
18 dic 2020

What is needed is a class-action suit against PP. The members of the class would be women who were given hormones as under-aged girls. The model should be the UK suit. There are thousands of desistors now. Some lawyer needs to find them, and get a suit going.

Me gusta
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