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It's Called Racketeering

Are you aghast at the avalanche of rainbows and trans flags everywhere you go this month? Can’t pick out a pair of socks or buy a cup of coffee without finding an LGB & TQ icon branded on your product? Let us explain why that is.

The Transgender-Activist Lobby has done astonishing work through organizations like the Humans Rights Campaign (HRC) to get their priorities mainstreamed into public life. Their latest drive is to indoctrinate students in the public schools with transgender ideology.

(If you think your public school child isn’t being brainwashed, think again.)

Where does HRC get the funding to push their agenda so boldly and comprehensively? It comes largely from the businesses below, listed on HRC’s corporate partners page, copied here for your shopping (or not shopping) consideration.

But why do so many businesses fund trans activists’ priorities? Because they’ve been bullied into compliance by HRC’s “Corporate Equality Index,” (CEI) a number ginned up and assigned to each company based on how much the company does to further HRCF’s goals. Their rubric includes mandates such as:

  • The company’s policies include sexual orientation & gender identity expression for all operations.

  • The company must conduct HRC-approved cultural training for all employees.

  • The company must include gender identity and sexual orientation in professional development training.

  • The company must utilize LGB & TQ suppliers when available.

  • The company must perform outreach to, marketing to, & financial support of LGB & TQ interests.

There is also a negative-points section of the rubric called “Responsible Citizenship”. This amorphous and subjective category allows HRC to deduct points from a company’s CEI based on “a large-scale official or public anti-LGBTQ blemish on their recent records”.

What exactly does that mean? It means HRC will deduct points from a company’s CEI score if the company does anything the HRC doesn’t like.

CEI scores are announced annually, and companies are lauded or excoriated by the LGBTQ community and its allies based on their scores. The HRC has also created the Buyer’s Guide, a handy app for your phone that lets you know exactly how LGB/TQ-friendly an organization is, according to the HRC. So if you’re shopping for shoes, and you see some kicks you like, you can easily find out whether the brand is agreeable to the HRC or not, and purchase—or not purchase—accordingly.

Whether or not you agree with HRC’s ideology, this kind of corporate blackmail is akin to the Ku Klux Klan’s activities in the 1920’s, when if you didn’t hold a KKK card you couldn’t get a job.

Don’t kid yourself that this is a marginalized, poverty-stricken, and oppressed community. The bullied long ago became the bullies. And they’re flush with money. Here's their 2019 Income Tax (990) Form:

Yep. HRC took in nearly $50 million in 2019. See all their annual reports here.

It's long past time we stop letting HRC and the gender industry kid people that they're anything but what they are: wealthy, powerful, and engaging in racketeering practices.

For your information, as you're out and about and trying to wade through neck-deep Pride month propaganda, here's a list of HRC's Corporate Partners:


Alaska Airlines


American Airlines