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Mothers Challenge Specialists in “Gender Identity” and Find Other Ways to Help Their Children

(The following post is a translation from a Brazilian website that was inspired by PEC's Power of Mothers blog post. Mothers around the world are organizing, educating and taking their power back. Mothers know their children. Listen to mothers.)

Dear readers, have you noticed, reading news articles about children and teenagers who declare themselves “trans”, how much the mothers, even more than the fathers, were disempowered? At a time when there is so much talk about female empowerment, they have lost even the most basic right, which is to say that they have a son or daughter, to analyze the issue based on material reality, on what they know about their offspring and to question the transmedicalizing discourse. They were convinced that they are out of date and that they need to be “re-educated” about “gender”; you have certainly seen them say (or you have already said) phrases like "I didn't understand anything about 'gender', but the multidisciplinary team at the clinic taught me everything". "I started following 'trans people', because only they know what 'being trans' is." "I thought I had a gay son / lesbian daughter, but I was taught that 'gender identity' is one thing and sexual orientation is quite another." "My daughter / son researches the subject on the internet and shows it to me." "Questioning someone's identity and pronouns is 'transphobia' and causes suicide."