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PEC News & Updates- October ‘22

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

First Do No Harm Unity Rally

Members of PEC traveled to Anaheim, California for the First Do No Harm Unity Rally held on October 8, 2022 at the site of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ annual convention. First Do No Harm is an advocacy initiative that unites different groups campaigning against the ideological medicalization of adolescents and includes Our Duty, Partners for Ethical Care, Genspect, Tre Voices, Dykes on the Right, Advocates Protecting Children, Mom Army, Lesbians United, Gays Against Groomers and Moms 4 Liberty.

These groups along with other individuals including detransitioners Abel Garcia, Cat Catison and Chloe Cole, SEGM representative and Pediatric psychiatrist Julia Mason and Abigail Martinez, the mother of a child who tragically took her life after medically transitioning, spoke at the press conference portion of the rally.

Many more gathered to peacefully protest against the harms of “Gender Medicine” to children while thousands of doctors, psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals attended their convention. As has become to be expected, the rally didn’t remain entirely peaceful as TRAs attempted to block and drown out the press conference speakers, going so far as to hold signs in front of the face of a mother, Abigail Martinez, whose daughter took her own life after being lured from her loving home and groomed into ‘trans’ medicalization. In response to the shouting and attempts to block out this grieving Mother’s face with pro child transition signs, Abigail began to chant “Yaeli”, her daughter’s name, which was amplified over the disrespectful commotion as others joined in. Because of the impending hostility added to the event by these not so peaceful protesters the press conference portion was moved to a safer indoor location, but continued non the less.

We’re grateful to all of these strong and committed voices for coming out and supporting the message that everyone needs to hear… First Do No Harm.

Amy Sousa, The Known Heretic, covered the rally prior to the press conference, speaking to many of the attendees First Do No Harm Unity Rally Footage and the press conference was covered by First Do No Harm Press Conference.

Identity Crisis Film Tour

PEC has teamed up with Independent Women’s Network to bring you The Identity Crisis Film Tour with the first screening taking place in Chicago on Saturday, November 5, 2022. Identity Crisis is a beautifully produced series of short documentaries by Kelsey Bolar that focuses on first hand stories of how “gender ideation” and the “gender industry” has negatively affected their lives. Along with these heartfelt accounts by Mothers of daughters drawn into this socio-medical phenomenon, the first leg of the tour will feature the impactful documentary series Dysphoric by Vaishnavi Sundar.

You can find more information, get your tickets or even make a donation if you are unable to attend here:

You can check out Kelsey Bolar’s Identity Crisis Docu-series here:

And you can watch the four part documentary series, Dysphoric here:

More dates to come! We hope to see you there!

The Witness Podcast has Resumed!

New episodes of The Witness Podcast are now available! You can listen to stories from the hearts of parents and people affected by "Gender Ideology" and the "Gender Industry". More episodes will be coming up so keep watching for them!

You can listen here:

Thank you for listening to The Witness!

Gender Map & its Creator Under TRA Attack

Gender Clinic Count in 2007

Gender Clinic Count in 2022

Alix Aharon, a founding board member of PEC and the Gender Mapper, was recently targeted by a group of “trans” activists who aimed to vilify not only the map she created to show the recent saturation of “gender” clinics all over the world, but Alix herself. In a now classic case of canceling and doxing, Alix received a heavy dose of misogynistic and racist online harassment, unsettling threats and invasions to her privacy.

This online assault was topped off with the outlandish accusation that the Gender Map, and Alix, had caused a rogue extremist individual thousands of miles away to make a bomb threat to an American “gender” clinic, a threat also quickly determined to be a hoax.

“ …the absurdity of the concept of right wing militia boogeymen reading PEC or Gendermapper- it's pathetic.”

~Alix Aharon

The notion that a non-partisan grassroots activist for the protection of children would have any connection to a random social outlier on another continent would be laughable if it didn’t carry with it the very misguided but very real potential to create chaos in Alix’s work and her life.

As ridiculous as this and other claims made by the aggressive trans zealot and his devout followers was, Google removed the Gender Map, presumably after being harassed with complaints by the TRAs, revealing once again Google’s bias and its ignorance.

Alix and her team of volunteers remain committed to the Gender Mapping Project, a valid and lawful tool used to track and expose the drastic increase in facilities that support and promote child ‘gender’ transition all over the world.

“The Global Gender Mapping Project is an educational resource for anyone who has been affected by the gender industry, we offer no apologies for our dedication to abolishing the gender industry. We are dedicated to delivering the truth about what is happening to children and youth by documenting the hard numbers on how many gender clinics, how many surgical clinics, and recording evidence where necessary. We wish to hold those who are harming to account and we demand justice for the victims. It is important to document who is doing what to whom and identify those who are harming vulnerable children for profit.”

You can check out the updated version here: (link to new map):

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