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People Standing Up, Standing Together, and Pushing Back

Parent & Child Loudoun, a parents' and citizens' grassroots organization in Loudoun County, Virginia, put out a call for help this week. Their school board is voting next Tuesday (June 22, 2021) on two policies that give preferential treatment to transgender-identified students and create unfair and unsafe conditions for staff and students in Loudoun County Public Schools.

In response, neighboring Arlington Parent Coalition sent out the below call for support, and support is mustering. Parents from Arlington County are headed over to Loudoun county next Tuesday to support their brothers and sisters at the school board meeting.

Partners for Ethical Care salutes both Parent & Child Loudoun and Arlington Parent Coalition for their determination to push back on gender ideology propaganda and to support each other on this issue. You're an example of the kind of leadership and collaboration we need to take back our schools and our kids.

We encourage everyone who's able to call or write in to support Loudoun families and students and demand that the school board listen to ALL parents and citizens. To make Virtual Comments or submit a Written Comment to the School Board, click here:


June 18, 2021

APC supporters,

We have been outgunned and outmanned in our fight to protect parental and children’s rights in Arlington Public Schools. But the battle is raging 30 minutes down the road in Loudoun County and they are asking desperately for our help.

Next Tuesday is the final school board meeting of the academic year for Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS.) Two policies will be voted on - Policies 8040 and 8350 - which force a long list of accommodations for transgender-identified students. You will recognize many of these accommodations as replicas of the 2019 Arlington Public School policy implementations. The cost of the accommodations comes at the expense of parental rights, children’s safety and privacy, staff’s First Amendment rights, and the long-term well-being of the transgender-identified students.

The national media has been watching the conflict between parents and trans-rights activists in Loudoun. Teacher Tanner Cross of Leesburg Elementary School was put on administrative leave and threatened with firing because he said that he could not comply with school policies that harm children and violate his religious beliefs. In addition, a brave 14-year-old girl spoke about the threat the policies present to her and her peers. Can we stand with them?

Trans-rights activists are well funded and organized. They are bussing supporters in from DC and Maryland to speak at the LCPS school board meeting.

Next Tuesday is an opportunity to make a difference. Loudoun Parent and Child (the parent group similar to Arlington Parent Coalition) is asking for help from parents in Arlington and Fairfax. Could you….?

  1. Attend the LCPS school board meeting on Tuesday, June 22nd. (Details below.) If you attend the meeting, you do not have to speak.

  2. Wear red and carry signs that state Education not Indoctrination.

  3. Sign up to speak for 1 minute:

  4. If there is no way you can physically make it to the meeting, there is an option to make Virtual Comments or submit a Written Comment to the School Board. Click here for more information:

  5. Donate to help Loudoun Parent and Child in their effort to protect schoolchildren. Any amount is appreciated!

School board meeting details:

Where: LCPS Admin Building, 21000 Education Ct, Ashburn, VA 20148

When: Tuesday, June 22 @ 3:20-3:30 arrival. Statements begin at 5:00 pm. Members of the Arlington Parent Coalition core team will be attending the Loudoun school board meeting. If you’d like to go with us, please email us at

We are all Virginians, and a victory for one parent group benefits everyone. Our support also sends a message that we've had enough. Let’s help Loudoun County parents protect their children!

Arlington Parent Coalition

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Partners for Ethical Care works to stop the unethical medicalization of children in the name of transgender "healthcare." Contact Partners for Ethical Care via


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