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Planned Parenthood: Returning to Its Eugenic Roots

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

During the 2021 legislative sessions, many states will consider Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection (VCAP) initiatives which are designed to protect children from harmful and experimental transgender-affirmation treatments such as cross-sex hormones.

VCAP aims to protect children who struggle with gender identity issues.

Children, many of whom struggle with underlying social and emotional challenges, are being experimentally prescribed wrong-sex hormones that wreak irreversible harms on their perfectly healthy bodies.

Some of the consequences of introducing wrong-sex hormones include increased risk of heart attack and death, increased risk of thromboembolism (deadly blood clots), infertility, loss of bone density with future risk of osteoporosis and fractures, sexual dysfunction, abnormal brain development, and development or worsening of psychiatric illness.

Children are not capable of understanding these long-term risks or the irreversible changes that will happen to their body including the growth of breasts and hips in boys and deepening voice, facial hair, and receding hairlines in girls.

None of the treatments Planned Parenthood distributes to those suffering with gender identity issues have been shown to improve the mental health outcomes; in fact, mounting evidence reveals that wrong-sex hormones result not only result in life-long physical damage but also in amplified mental distress and increased risk of suicide.

Transgender activists claim falsely that children are not being given cross-sex hormones.

Not only are children prescribed these dangerous drugs, Planned Parenthood is positioning itself to be their leading distributor.

Planned Parenthood has apparently chosen to return to its eugenic origins. The Washington Post describes Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, as, “a vocal supporter of the now-discredited eugenics movement, which aimed to improve the human race through planned breeding based on genetic traits.”

Though Planned Parenthood has attempted steps to distance themselves from their eugenic origins, their new business model actively damages and sterilizes healthy bodies, revealing the lie of their pro-health claims.

Planned Parenthood is now in the lucrative business of profiting off the vulnerable.

Erin Brewer, a partner with Partners for Ethical Care, is a former Planned Parenthood donor and volunteer. Contact Dr. Brewer via

See the 2019 list of Planned Parenthood Donor corporations here.

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