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Regarding the Wi Spa scandal and a Related Propaganda Poster by SoCal Antifa

An Open Letter From an Angry Liberal

Dear SoCal Antifa leaders,

Honorable Mayor Garcetti,

Dear LAUSD Secretariat and LAUSD Superintendent Mr. Buetner,

Members of the Leadership and the Legal Counsel of Wi Spa,

Dear Leaders of Partners for Ethical Care,

My letter is in regard to the incident at the Wi Spa (Los Angeles) and the transgender ideology permeating every corner of our society and affecting our children, tweens, teens and young adults.

I am a 54-year-old natal woman, Liberal Democrat and Democrat voter of 31 years. I am also an industry leader in the film business who has mentored, hired & opened doors for LGBT people, as well as women and minorities for 22 years of my Hollywood career. I fought for the rights of LGBT people, women, GNC persons & minorities, and always prioritized hiring them and promoting them over anyone else.

Every sentence of SoCal Antifa's poster (attached below) is a vile lie and utter propaganda. I will deconstruct it below.

Shame on you SoCal Antifa!

Shame on your sponsors!

Shame on the perverted Transvestite Propagandists who are destroying a whole generation of American teenagers and sucking them into this vile and destructive Transgender cult.

I am appalled by you condoning deviant behavior.

I am disgusted by the Trans propaganda pushing adult psycho-sexual fetishes onto kids, tweens and teens.

Here are the twisted lies in SoCal Antifa's poster (attached below) for the July 3rd demonstration at the Wi Spa:

  • 1st sentence: "A trans woman" Bona-fide trans-sexuals "are very subtle about their pre-op genitals. They don't show it around." (Quoting my close friend of 20 years who is a trans-woman [55] and a big trans advocate in LA.)

Don't confuse an ordinary Exhibitionist AKA flasher with a transgender woman with dignity and pride.

When I was 10 years old, a flasher cornered me in the early hours of the morning, in front of my middle school. This trauma had a profound impact on me for the rest of my life.


  • 2nd sentence: "The angry patron" Yes, of course, the patron has the right to be livid. A Women's Dressing Room of a luxury spa is a safe space for bio women.

Women are vulnerable. No one else has the MORAL RIGHT to be there. No "trans-woman" pre-operation has the moral right to be there and flash their genitals. Additionally, Spa Services are extremely expensive. They are considered a luxury. If I go to a spa and pay $200+ for an hour-long treatment, I would absolutely expect that my rights, dignity, and privacy are protected from Exhibitionists IN AN INTIMATE SPACE SUCH AS THE WOMEN'S DRESSING ROOM.

  • 3rd sentence: "which has gone viral in right-wing circles"

Stop twisting the truth and lying that being Gender-critical is a Right Versus Left issue. I have been a Liberal Democrat since 1990, an educated, enlightened industry leader who has led the way in propelling LGBT people upwards in their careers and lives. I have voted Democrat for 31 years.

How dare you deny me the right to see Transvestism for what it is -- an adult psycho-sexual fetish and adult deviant behavior that is being foisted upon impressionable kids, tweens and teens under the "brand name" of "trans"? These kids, in turn, are pushed quickly onto a path of gender medicalization (AKA "affirmation"). They are doomed to a lifetime of mental and physical suffering, surgeries, complications, destruction of their endocrine system-- while pretending to be the opposite sex.

Do you think I am blind to not see how the Transgender Propaganda is erasing lesbians, gays, 60 years of feminist progress, and the hard-won women's rights and the children's rights to be protected from adult perverts?

Being gender-critical is a matter of survival for the Western civilization.

  • 4th sentence: "for simply serving transgender folks without discrimination" If Wi Spa is keen on serving transvestites, they should have a completely separate facility for them. Call it "gender-neutral."

Pre-op trans-sexuals HAVE NO BUSINESS in any safe space for natal women.

WHY ARE WOMEN, 51% of the human population, denied a safe space, so that 0.007% of the population - trans-sexuals - are accommodated in the female section of the spa ???

WHY ARE WOMEN, 51% of the human population, the bearers of new life, the mothers, the homemakers, the ones who raise the next generation and work their butts of, the ones who carried their families through the ruinous lockdown DISCRIMINATED AGAINST and DENIED A SAFE SPACE ?????

  • 5th sentence: "... their right to safe spaces" Wi Spa or any other service providers, then, create a space only for transgender folks.

By allowing transgender "women" inside a SAFE SPACE FOR WOMEN, you are DENYING WOMEN a safe space and dignity.

Don't bio women have the right to "safe spaces" as well ???? Especially if they are paying $200+ for a luxury treatment in a place specifically designed for RELAXATION, DIGNITY, A SPIRITUAL MIND-BODY EXPERIENCE?

In Summary, what happened at the Wi Spa is PROFOUNDLY WRONG.

Every single word from the mouth of the "angry customer" is 100% correct, factual, and right. She is absolutely in a position to say every word she said, without being called the ugly scripted words used in your propaganda poster.

I will go one step further to say that the Trans ideology is destroying the current generation of teens - OUR FUTURE.

The Trans agenda is destroying the hard-won victories of the feminists, and the women's rights movement.

The trans agenda is destroying the LGB young adults, teens and tweens.

Don't take my word for it, speak with any High School Teachers across Los Angeles. They will tell you that A TSUNAMI OF STUDENTS - 30-40% post-lockdown go by made-up names of the opposite sex and pretend to be the opposite sex, chat amongst themselves that they "cannot wait to get on cross-hormones and to amputate their genitals and breasts, in order to feel 'congruent' with their preferred gender."

Go speak with the legions of grieving despondent parents who cannot recognize their beloved teens brainwashed by the Trans Influencers. The teens yell at their loving, conscientious parents the exact same scripted words found on your poster -- "bigots," "transphobes," "TERF's" "making me feel unsafe for simply existing." Your script is so predictable -- thousands of parents are hearing the exact same phrases from the mouths of their 'trans-converted' tweens and teens who fell prey to the online groomers on Social Media, and to their own friendship circles.

The gender industry bankrolled by Big Pharma and its adult transvestites - billionaire investors is the biggest medical, moral, and humanistic scandal of the 21st-century.

Post-biological humans - the ones who pretend to be the other sex, who deny basic biology, and who are uninformed about the devastating health and endocrine effects of cross-hormone treatments, the ones who cheer instead of being horrified by the mutilation of their bodies - will bring upon themselves physical and mental disasters that will reverberate for generations to come.

As a mother, wife, sister and leader, I implore all community leaders and all conscientious, mature adults to pause.


TAKE A MOMENT OF INTROSPECTION and actually give an earnest consideration of the fates of trans-identifying kids, tweens, and teens that are being led on by adult groomers.

As a society, we are past flags-and-parades-and-rainbows.

"Trans-ing" kids, tweens, teens and young adults is a matter of national survival and national security. It is eugenics of vulnerable teens, teens with various physical and mental health conditions. It is conversion of LGB teens. The Trans ideology is messing up with the future generation in ways never before seen in history.

The future will not look kindly upon the Trans apologists.

And yes, I acknowledge that there are bona-fide mature trans-sexual people out there, like two of my closest friends - transwomen - who transitioned in their late 40's. Ten years ago, transgender individuals were 0.007% of the population.

Respectfully submitted,

Kina P Schweiger

Film industry leader, female business owner


The guest author of this piece has employed a pseudonym to protect her business, livelihood, and family from doxing and/or retribution, which is the typical response from the transgender activism community when transgender ideology/behavior is questioned or challenged. Contact this author via

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