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Reinstating Female Sacrifice, 21st Century Style

The Biden administration has made it clear that men’s feelings take priority over the rights and protections of women and girls.

They used to throw virgins into volcanoes to appease the fire-gods within, pacifying their rage in the hopes they might not destroy nearby villages.

It seems we’re doing that again.

The Biden administration has made it clear that men’s feelings take priority over the rights and protections of women and girls.

On the day he was inaugurated, President Biden issued an executive order replacing “sex” with “gender identity.” This deceptively powerful word change means that any man gets access to any space previously reserved for women, simply by saying, “I’m a woman.” No litmus test, no standards, no qualifications require anything more of him than claiming to feel like a woman.

A full-bearded, 6’4”, 280-pound man dressed like a lumberjack can now go into your daughter’s locker room at the county pool and undress right next to all the little girls, provided he says, “I’m a girl too.”

If you're not comfortable with men in private spaces alongside your daughter, Biden’s team thinks you’re a transphobic hater. That’s what women are called when we protest the wholesale erasure of our rights and protections. "Transphobic" is just the latest misogynistic term for women who oppose something men want, alongside epithets like "b*tch" and "Karen". Such words are meant to silence us.

But when men and boys can claim to be women just on their own say-so, the category “woman”-- which has heretofore been reserved only for biological females-- is now open to biological males, and therefore ceases to exist. A man need only claim to believe that he feels like a woman to be able to penetrate women’s spaces. To suggest that a man should somehow have to prove he really is a woman is called hate speech by those who support the erasure of women.

How many girls will lose scholarships to boys who pretend to be girls before we realize that Title IX was created in order to provide girls’ educational opportunities they otherwise would not have, because females are very rarely able to win athletic competitions against males?

How many women will be sexually assaulted by predators who have been given carte blanche to follow a woman into a restroom where she can be overpowered?

Will women in the U.S. have to start wearing diapers in public like the women in refugee camps, who are afraid to use bathrooms at night because they know very well they’ll be raped there?

If this is Joe’s idea of a Bring-Us-All-Together-Again kickoff to his administration, all we can say is, “You really screwed the pooch on this one, Mr. President.”

Well, not really. We all know who’s actually screwed.

It’s every girl and woman who just got pushed into the volcano. As usual.

How many sacrifices will it take before the woke brigade figures out that men, with their penises and more powerful bodies, continue to be a threat to women?


Erin Brewer & Maria Keffler are partners at Partners for Ethical Care. Contact the authors via

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