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Results of PEC's Desistance & Detransition Survey

General Analysis from Partners for Ethical Care's February 2021 Survey of Desisters, Detransitioners, & Parents

Included here are the questions and aggregate responses from an informal and preliminary survey given to people who have desisted (stopped insisting they do not identify with their birth sex) and/or detransitioned (stopped attempting to change sexes and/or present one’s appearance differently than his or her birth sex), and to parents of desisters/detransitioners, during the month of February 2021.

This is a very small, non-randomized and self-selected sample of 60 people who submitted their responses with the opportunity to do so anonymously; 30 respondents provided contact information and 30 did not. (Identifying and contact information is not included with the published results.)

Results must be considered with caution, because of the small sample size, because the sample is not a random selection from the pool of desisters/detransitioners, and because of the lack of authentication and adequate demographic data on the respondents. If this survey reveals anything, it strongly suggests that more rigorous research is needed on the phenomenon of desisting/detransitioning.

Partners for Ethical Care feels confident that all 60 responses included in these results are genuine. Approximately 35 additional false responses were submitted and subsequently deleted. These malicious responses were recognized as invalid by several criteria:

  1. The respondent commented, “I’m just here to mess up your data,”

  2. The respondent left hateful, childish, and/or crude comments,

  3. The respondent entered multiple, identical survey submissions, and/or

  4. The respondent gave contradictory information, such as ticking every box in response to Question 13, “Which of the following did the parent do after the child announced a transgender identity?” including “The parent did nothing different.”

If a survey submission met any of the above criteria, it was deleted. One additional survey submission was deleted because the parent who submitted it indicated that the child had not yet desisted or detransitioned.

Unless otherwise noted, each question was answered by all 60 respondents. The percentages listed beneath some questions may or may not sum to 100%, depending upon whether the question could only be answered with a single response, or if the question included a “Check all that apply” option. Unless otherwise indicated, respondents could choose only one answer for a given question.

Respondents were able to add unique responses to certain questions, which created some difficulty in summing the percentages on those questions, as certain unique answers may have more appropriately belonged with the provided answers, or when multiple unique responses were very similar to each other.

Several survey questions provided space to give comments. Those comments can be accessed via the spreadsheet containing all survey data.


(Unless otherwise noted, results are listed according to frequency of response.)

Q1. Is the respondent a child or a parent?

71.7% Child

28.3% Parent

Q2. What was the child's sex at birth?

78.3% Female

20% Male