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Sex Mimics are Mimics(Part 1) Mimics, Models, & Magic Words

We are sharing this recent article with permission from Known Heretic's Substack, written by Amy Sousa, @knownheretic on Twitter.

You can find the original piece and more here:

In this powerful piece, Amy Sousa calls to light the "abracadabra, a hocus pocus, and alakazam" used by a mass propaganda system to further forward the "transgender" agenda. She thoughtfully explains the cognitive dissonance we are asked to undergo daily in the name of inclusivity and why it equates to nothing more than a surface level acceptance of an individuals performance of the opposite sex.

Amy Sousa is one of the expert panelists we are hosting at our upcoming event in Austin, Texas on April 20th- It's Bigger than Texas: Exposing the Gender Industry in America.

Amy is a talented writer and a Women's rights activist, educator, & facilitator whose work focuses on embodiment, boundaries, intuition, instincts, & sense perceptions as internal authority-building practices and safeguarding basics. We are proud to share this piece with you and we look forward to part two!

Mimics in Our Midst