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Stress of Cognitive Dissonance Motivates the “Trans” Community to Mutilate Children

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Cognitive dissonance occurs when an individual holds two or more incongruent beliefs in their mind at the same time. Research on dissonance reveals that individuals in possession of beliefs that are psychologically inconsistent with one another actually experience physical discomfort, which motivates such people to take action to resolve the inconsistency. Predominant dissonance scholar Leon Festinger says that these are the different ways to react to cognitive dissonance to resolve the discomfort it causes:

1. Change the belief

2. Change behavior

3. Add new beliefs to the mix

4. Trivialize the inconsistency

The “trans” community has added a fifth option: change the body.

In response to the physical discomfort arising from the beliefs that one can change sex, that it is possible to be born in the wrong body, and that one has, in fact, been born in the wrong body, the “trans” community has added this fifth tool to their repertoire.

A boy’s belief that he is a girl, and vice versa, is perfectly illustrative of an incongruent belief – one that is inherently contradictory and produces extreme discomfort in the individual in its possession. Whatever terms the psychological community finds most politically advantageous for this particular discomfort arising from this very particular belief, there is no doubt that the suffering individual is willing to use any means necessary to resolve it.

The psychological community has its own cognitive dissonance problem – “trans” children are not mentally ill, but they often require amputation and excision of healthy body parts to feel “whole.” It is not an illness, but it is. “Trans” people are not ill, but we must cut them. There is nothing wrong with “trans” kids’ health, but they require pharmaceutical intervention.

To placate a group of very confused individuals, the psychological community has relinquished all credibility and adopted a magical supposition: when the mind is out of alignment with the body, change the body. These charlatans masquerading as experts have apparently forgotten the motile nature of the mind, and its capacity for seeking and finding objects of fixation. Soon, when this sinister medical abuse is revealed for what it truly is, we will see that these treatments do not work, because physical discomfort produced by a false belief cannot be cured by amputation. The belief finds its way of persisting, and the addled mind demands resolution.

The “trans” community calls temporary relief from the confusion of their worldview “affirmation” and “validation.” The “euphoria” that “affirmation” and “validation” brings arises from the fleeting synthesis of an excruciating contradiction; a contradiction that demands to be seen; a contradiction that is so glaring and embarrassingly obvious that the trans-identified individual cannot possibly resolve it on their own.

They demand validation, because the belief that they are not who they actually are is too much for them to handle, so they must bring the world into alignment with it. They must recreate the world in their own false image.

Even if this could be done, relief would evade them. That is the crux of the lucrative tragedy plaguing children in America: they are beset with a mission that has no end. Good for the doctors consuming them. Woe for the children waiting for wholeness that will never come, no matter how much of them sadistic doctors cut away. They can remake the world, but it is not self evident that this will provide relief.

In the Machiavellian pursuit of proving the magical belief that bringing one’s body into alignment with ideas in the mind can provide psychological relief, doctors and ideologues have chosen your children as test subjects for their fantasies.

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