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Tell the FDA: No Puberty Blockers for Youth!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

A Citizen Petition calling for the FDA to conduct a systematic review of the off-label prescription of puberty blockers to gender dysphoric youth has been filed and is open for public comment. This is important because 98% of gender dysphoric kids put on puberty blockers go on to cross-sex hormones. If you can comment, it will make a difference — and it costs you nothing.

Add your name to the petition here.

The petition was drafted by Nancy Stade, and was signed by the following groups:

Detrans Help

FAIR in Medicine

Gender Dysphoria Alliance

Gender Exploratory Therapy Alliance


International Partners for Ethical Care

Our Duty USA

Rethink Identity Medicine Ethics

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1 Comment

emily viola
emily viola
Nov 13, 2023

where is the petition?

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