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Welcome to Partners for Ethical Care

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Partners for Ethical Care is an international group advocating for evidence-based, ethical care for children who suffer gender identity issues. We support parents, teachers, and health care professionals by providing facts and resources. We believe that children should not be the subject of medical experimentation, and that childhood and puberty are not disorders. We are alarmed by the number of children experiencing body hatred, which unethical activists exploit by claiming that these children were "born in the wrong body".

No one is born in the wrong body.

Partners for Ethical Care educates, advocates, and demands compassionate and ethical care for vulnerable children.

Our work is based on these foundational premises:

  • Biology dictates that humans are a sexually dimorphic species comprised of males and females, based upon one’s reproductive function.

  • Gender is an entirely social construct, co-opted from the field of linguistics, which dictates stereotypical roles for males and females and does not respect or recognize personality or personal preferences and interests.

  • A person’s belief that s/he was born the wrong sex is evidence of confused thinking and should be treated with compassionate therapy based upon sound and tested principles of psychology and mental health counseling.

  • Current practices involving the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and cosmetic/genital surgery toward changing someone’s sex presentation are unsound, are unsupported by robust research, comprise nothing but medical experimentation upon vulnerable patients, and are flagrant violations of medical practitioners’ oath that they first do no harm.

  • Treating a minor person for gender identity issues by introducing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and/or cosmetic/genital surgeries is child abuse.

  • Affirmation-only therapy, which dictates that the only acceptable treatment for gender identity issues is immediate transition of the patient to the opposite sex, is abusive, unsubstantiated, and without merit; in no other field of medicine, psychology, or education is a one-size-fits-all treatment promoted for any issue or malady.

Partners for Ethical Care recognizes that the following events and practices are taking place, which run from disturbing to monstrous:

  • The number of gender clinics has proliferated over the past ten years, from the existence of one to over 1500 in the United States alone.

  • The number of adolescent and teen girls presenting at gender clinics has increased by more than 4000% in the last five years.

  • A majority of transgender-identified children also present with co-occurring diagnoses/history of autism, depression, past trauma, and self-harming behaviors.

  • Minors receive prescriptions for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones on their first visit to a gender clinic or to Planned Parenthood, without parental knowledge, without a proper medical and psychological history investigation, and without proper informed consent.

  • Schools often present gender-identity curricula and training to children beginning in kindergarten, without parental consent; schools undermine parental authority and the child-parent relationship by teaching children that parents who do not agree with gender-identity propaganda are wrong and dangerous.

  • Increasing numbers of schools deceive parents about their own children’s gender identity status, and allow children to change their demographic information in legal documents such as school databases without parental knowledge or consent.

  • Doctors give puberty blockers to children as young as eight years old.

  • Doctors amputate thirteen-year-old girls’ healthy breast tissue.

  • Doctors perform orchiectomies on boys as young as sixteen years old, castrating them via the removal of their penises and/or testicles.

  • Transgender medicine is a billion-dollar industry, which motivates unethical medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies to manipulate at-risk children onto a path of lifelong medicalization.

For these reasons Partners for Ethical Care works to stop the child abuse that is propagated by the unethical and unsupported claims and activities of transgender activism.

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Unknown member
Nov 23, 2020

Thank you for providing important information about what the gender industry is doing to children.

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