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When a Treatment Becomes an Identity

There are many treatments for gender dysphoria. Transitioning is the one in vogue now.

Despite healthcare providers embracing transitioning it has never been proven to be an effective treatment for gender dysphoria. Unfortunately, therapists--due to ideology or ineptitude--often direct a gender dysphoric patient to transition. Hearing the disordered thoughts of a person with gender dysphoria, therapists affirm their feelings of being inherently flawed and urge these troubled patients to create a new persona.

These people are not innately transgender.

Transitioning is a treatment for gender dysphoria.

Many of us who are fighting for better mental health services for children who suffer from gender dysphoria bristle at the idea of there being “true trans”: unfortunate souls for whom their gender was mistakenly put in the wrong body. We do not accept that there is a gender spirit that can inhabit the wrong body.

Transgender activists have picked up on our concern and accuse us of trying to deny transgender people existence. They say we are trying to erase those who are transgender.

What they are forgetting is that transitioning is a treatment not a condition.

No one is intrinsically transgender.

There are a few who claim to benefit from treating gender dysphoria by dissociating from themselves, but these are not individuals who are transgender, they are individuals suffering from a profound mental illness who have been told by healthcare providers that their body is so wrong, their very being is so wrong, that the only way to navigate life is to kill their identity and cultivate a new one.

Today, those with gender dysphoria are told the only treatment that will elevate their discomfort is to kill who they are and become someone else. We should all be enraged that anyone would be told that they are so damaged that the only solution is to become another person.

Healthcare providers have a lot to answer for.


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