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Who is the WHO to Push a Global Transgender Guideline?

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls for stealthy implementation of “legal recognition of self-determined gender identity” in the not so fine print of its pending global guideline.



The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced the development of a “guideline for the health of trans and gender diverse people'', along with a deliberately short window for public comment. The proposed guideline is intended to implement new global rules for “gender affirming care” and self-identification of “gender”, and was slipped under the radar with only a few weeks available for public response over the holidays.


The WHO’s penchant for “gender affirming” medical treatment has set the stage for a gathering of 21 pro-trans activists and advocates who are to form the Guideline Development Group (GDG). The predisposition of the proposed GDG members is on full display in their declarations of a “[commitment] to trans connectedness and liberation”, and that “every cis person is at a stage of becoming towards transness”.


The WHO’s Handbook for Guideline Development clearly states that “a conflict of interest is an important potential source of bias and diminished credibility in the development of WHO guidelines” as well as “a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgment or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interest”.


With a development group consisting of leaders of WPATH or its tributary organizations, writers of the discredited WPATH SOC 8, members of well-funded lobby groups like Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE), “gender specialist” doctors who intend to benefit from the probable uptick in patients, and the most radical of transgender activists, this organization is already overflowing with bias.


The WHO, having taken the liberty to provide a “guideline for the guideline,” sets an “all affirming” tone right out of the gate, one that is inconsistent with the growing global pushback against the medical harms of the transgender movement itself.


The guideline’s predetermined areas of focus are:

●      Hormones;

●      health workers’ education and training for the provision of “gender-inclusive” care;

●      provision of health care for “trans and gender diverse” people who suffered “interpersonal violence based in their needs;”

●      health policies that support “gender-inclusive” care

●      legal recognition of self-determined gender identity


Most shocking within these “predetermined areas of focus” is the inclusion of the “legal recognition of self-determined gender identity”, a trojan horse strategy being used to solidify laws and constitutions to bolster “trans rights” over sex-based rights worldwide.


The looming global guideline is set to focus on “health sector interventions aimed at increasing access and utilization of quality and respectful health services by trans and gender diverse people”.  This is a troubling statement to make while several of the WHO’s most progressive Member States, including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and France, have worked to decrease or end the legal recognition and medicalization of self-diagnosed “gender identities”.


With several of the WHO’s Member States having rejected the solidification of the “self determined gender identity” into the very fiber of their societies, and several others working to do the same, the predetermined areas of interest for the guideline create the very bias in which the WHO will participate.


The WHO’s Handbook for Guideline Development further states that “WHO’s legitimacy and technical authority lie in its rigorous adherence to the systematic use of evidence as the basis for all policies”. With exactly zero evidence for the existence of the “gender identities” they aim to legalize on a global scale, this rogue organization is blatantly breaking its own rules.


Aside from the dubious proposed global guideline and the unwaveringly pro-trans GDG, we must ask what is the fundamental role and responsibility of the WHO itself? As a United Nations agency “dedicated to global health and safety” and originally created to serve its 194 Member States, the WHO is supposed to work with, not against, these States, many of which have made u-turns away from “gender affirming care” altogether. By the WHO’s very nature, it does not have the authority to promote its own agenda, certainly not without consulting stakeholders within the very Member States that help fund this transgressing organization.


According to the WHO, “each Member State has a voice in determining the direction and targets of the Organization”, yet the voices of many progressive member nations seem to be shouting into an abyss. There is NO representation from any of the most progressive stakeholder countries in the development of this regressive guideline.


We know that there are qualified individuals and organizations around the world more capable of drafting a more suitable guideline; one in which the surgical amputation of body parts and the manipulation of body systems with chemicals is not a first response to the droves of troubled children and adults rejecting their sexed bodies. 


We also know that the world is outgrowing the need for a guideline of this nature, and sadly in need of medical and mental health supports for the skyrocketing numbers of detransitioners, desisters and “trans” regretters that the WHO seems committed to continue mass producing. 


Pre-empting this one-sided and double-edged global guideline is crucial to what has become a fight for truth, reality, and true body autonomy for “gender” confused individuals.


Is the WHO willing to fill in the gaping holes that this one-way ticket to shortened life spans, permanent medical patient status, and continued disillusionment of vulnerable members of our society is sure to produce? 


We can see where this overarching guideline might take us, should it be allowed to proceed, and we say NO.



Read our comments to the WHO below.



To Whom it May Concern,


Partners for Ethical Care is a secular, non-partisan, all-volunteer, grassroots nonprofit organization comprised of individuals from across the globe. We put differences aside to work toward a common mission - to raise awareness and support efforts to stop the unethical treatment of children by schools, hospitals, and mental and medical healthcare providers under the duplicitous banner of gender identity affirmation. We believe that no child is born in the wrong body.


We are writing today regarding the “guideline for the health of trans and gender diverse people” that your organization has recently initiated. We challenge the proposed guideline, its biased development group, and the one-sided areas of interest laid out for its development in terms of relevance to a world moving past gender identity ideology and the widespread medical harm it is causing.


The addition of “legal recognition of self-determined gender identity” to the predetermined areas of interest for the guideline seems to be a trojan horse that the WHO is attempting to slip into stakeholder countries where the integration of self ID of “gender” into law has either been refuted or is being heavily debated.


We propose that the WHO is not upholding its responsibility to “work[s] with its Member States to achieve the highest level of health for all people” in light of the known negative outcomes of “gender affirming” drugs and surgeries, along with outcomes that have yet to be assessed in this particular population. There is an increasing retreat from puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries as a first response, as well as a marked rejection of sex change as a potential treatment for gender confusion within several of the WHO’s most progressive Member States.


Sweden, Finland, the UK, Norway, Denmark and France, all of which are WHO Member States, have turned away from the “gender affirming care model” that your proposed guideline is currently designed to promote. In several other Member States, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and Japan, there is great debate within the medical and mental health communities over the safety and efficacy of the current “trans and gender diverse” health care models.


It is outside of the WHO’s role and responsibility to proceed with its own agenda, ignoring and even opposing the expressed will of its Member States, including those considered the most progressive in the world.


Please consider our comments prior to proceeding with the “guideline for the health of trans and gender diverse people” and at the very least, assemble a panel of expert physicians with diverse viewpoints and experience on both sides of the debate about treatment for trans-identified individuals.



Thank you for your consideration,


International Partners for Ethical Care



Individuals and organizations can send their comments on the proposed guideline to the WHO by Monday, January 8th to

You can sign this petition to help stop the WHO's regressive global guideline.


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