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Wi Spa Knows There's a Problem; We All Know

After Cubana Angel's Wi Spa video went viral last week, another woman has spoken up about her similar experience at the same Korean spa. "Anita" has been trying to get her story told, but Twitter has deleted her video and suspended her account. She reached out to Partners for Ethical Care (PEC).

Why is PEC, whose mission centers around ending the unethical medicalization of children by the gender industry, concerned about what happened at a spa? Keep reading.

On January 7th, 2020, I took my six-year-old daughter to Wi Spa. I had heard about this Korean Family Spa from a local L.A. parenting magazine advertising it as a fun activity to do with kids.

In Korean Culture you’re supposed to be completely nude in the locker room areas, which was something I hadn’t quite realized before arriving. But I didn't want my daughter to feel awkward or anything and when I arrived I saw plenty of little Korean girls walking around naked with their mothers and grandmothers (who were also naked) so I figured it was fine. It was a cultural thing and I wanted to have the "authentic experience" as most Angelinos would say.

My daughter and I were both nude in the hot tub with other women when three individuals walked up: two women with tattoos and colored hair, and another person who 100% looked like a MALE with a beard and a penis. These three individuals appeared to me to be progressive activists types and they entered the locker room with a somewhat aggressive air about them.

First, PEC recognizes, as should everyone, that all penises belong to men. When children's ability to distinguish one sex from the other is eroded, it compromises their sense of object permanence (the understanding that there are certain fixed things that do not change or disappear) and makes them more vulnerable to being misled about other facts, and to being exploited by adults who do not have their best interests at heart.

They sat down at the edge of the hot tub, paying no mind to the fact that there was a small child present, nor did they seem to care that all the old Korean ladies were peeking out from behind their shower curtains and whispering to each other, obviously horrified and shocked. The "person with the penis" made no attempt to tuck it away or try to hide it or anything, but just leaned back with legs slightly spread apart letting the penis hang down toward the water. The "person with penis" did not make any effort whatsoever to appear female at all. They didn’t even shave.

Imagine a woman sitting on the edge of a hot tub, legs spread. Women don't sit this way. Women don't display their genitals to others--even to other women--because we know that's distasteful and disrespectful.

I was very upset. I spoke to the front desk where they explained to me that the person said they were “pre-op trans” and California law says you can’t discriminate. They apologized and gave me two free passes.

Wi Spa knew this situation was wrong. They knew a woman and her six-year-old child shouldn't be exposed to a man's penis while in the women's locker room. Why else would they have apologized and offered Anita two free passes as compensation for what happened to her?

Later I went to the police station to speak to an officer and after I told him my story he said, "Why would you bring your daughter to a spa like that in the first place? Why did you put her in that situation?" And that was just horrible. I felt like I had just been punched in the stomach and I started crying again trying to explain that it's a Korean Spa and it's normal in that culture and that there were other small children there as well. And then he proceeded to explain to me that its a private business and they can do what they want and that California Discrimination laws protect "these kinds of people" so there really isn't a crime. He reiterated again that maybe I shouldn't be taking my daughter to that kind of place.

This officer's response to Anita was both unacceptable and abusive. It smacks directly of the kinds of questions that used to be asked of rape victims: "Why were you there in the first place? What did you expect when you wore that? You brought this on yourself, didn't you?"

I left the police station in tears and didn't talk about it anymore, because I felt shamed, and I just figured there was absolutely nothing I could do. I had no rights. And because I lived in Los Angeles, if I tried saying anything about this incident I would just be labeled a "bigot" and a "transphobe."

The officer's attitude is reflective of society's attitude, into which we have been conditioned by the gender industry. It's called DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim & Offender), an acronym describing the pattern an abuser follows in order to deflect attention from his abusive behavior and make it seem as though his victim is actually the abuser. The officer Denied the abuse by telling Anita that no crime was committed. He Attacked her parenting by telling her she shouldn't have taken her daughter to the spa, and society Reverses Victim & Offender by calling a man who displays his penis to girls and women "innocent" and "oppressed" while telling the abused women and girls that they are "bigots" and "transphobes" for not liking what they saw.

So I just tried to forget about it. And then shortly afterward the pandemic and the lockdown hit and I really didn't think about it again until another woman spoke out about what happened to her at the Wi Spa.

One wonders if the man in question is the same penis-haver in both incidents. One also wonders if other women have had the same experience at the Wi Spa, but suffered in silence because they knew they would experience exactly what Anita and Cubana Angel did.

If so, it appears that the gender industry is winning. They've gotten the culture and authorities to believe that a naked man who spreads his legs in front of a child in a women's locker room is the victim, and the women--and by extension the child involved--are the abusive ones.

When children are taught that men can be women, they lose not only their ability to recognize potential threats (because men are responsible for 98% of violent crimes, including rape) but they also become vulnerable to the idea that they, too, could have been "born in the wrong body."

There is nothing truthful or safe about the lie that one can be born in the wrong body. With the more than exponential explosion of kids adopting transgender identities, we are seeing the erosion of reality playing out in real time.

Everyone knows that men are not women. Yet even Anita, who suffered her own abuse, her child's abuse, and then was shamed into silence about it, is willing to comply with the current popular narrative for this "transwoman" by calling him a "person with a penis."

PEC, however, will not. He is a man, he doesn't belong in the women's locker room, and everyone knows it.


"Anita" has employed a pseudonym to protect her business, livelihood, and family from doxing and/or retribution, which is the typical response from the transgender activism community when transgender ideology/behavior is questioned or challenged. Contact Anita via

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